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  1. Kona-Ian

    VP Bottom bracket rubbish?

    Bought a new bottom bracket for my 2002 Kona Kula. Fitted it and it's making creaking noises. Brand new, it's was around £15 posted so not that expensive but it should at least work. Mines a funny size being ISIS 68x113. Does anyone recommend a decent bottom bracket? Original one was FSA...
  2. Kona-Ian

    Any vapers on here, slight liquid in mouth with new Tank.

    Got a new tank today all brand new and sealed from a local vape shop. Have had various tanks and mods over the years but did have a TFV-Mini V2 tank just now and now have a TFV18 tank, both are Smok. Have tried both coils and they are the meshed coils. Using the same liquid as have done for...
  3. Kona-Ian

    Formula brakes slight brake drag.

    Formula oro K18 hydraulic. Have always had a slight brake drag when you spin the wheel. Brakes been bled and new pads but still getting some drag. Only just done 10 miles today after doing the work. Any ideas? thanks.
  4. Kona-Ian

    Leather care on bicycle saddle.

    Been doing car seats and thought why not put some on my saddle. Thought I would get others views on this first. Have got this>
  5. Kona-Ian

    Fitting period correct suspension forks onto a 1993 Raleigh.

    Done a lot of miles on the Raleigh Peak now and I do suffer from wrist problems. I would like to fit some period correct Rock Shox, like the ones fitted to the Summit maybe. I have done compression forks lost of times and it's easy to cut the right length for the bike but I'm clueless about...
  6. Kona-Ian

    What shoes do you wear for mountain biking?

    I still use toe clips and have done for as long as I can remember. I got some new shoes today, lightweight slip on Slazenger ones. Not been out yet but they fit well.
  7. Kona-Ian

    PM function gone but conversation instead.

    When I send someone a conversation is it private or can others see it too? I search my posts and my conversation comes up that I have sent to someone.
  8. Kona-Ian

    Wanted Small quality MTB wanted Essex.

    Hello. My Mum's friend wants to get a Mountain Bike having ridden road bikes for a long time now wants to try Mountain Biking. Not looking for anything particularly retro. Budget depends on the bike but probably around £300 or less. She's not much over 5ft.
  9. Kona-Ian

    68mm isis 113mm bottom bracket, replacement.

    Bottom bracket has had it, it's creaking. Removed old one and it's: FSA Platinum. 68mm isis 113mm BC 1.37" x 24T Trying to find a red one but don't seem to be lots of options available with the ISIS. Old one lasted well, from a 2002 bike.
  10. Kona-Ian

    Muc-off replacement for 3 protect and shine.

    I noticed that they don't make this anymore. I had a couple of cans but nearly run out. What's the best replacement for this now? Another muc-off product like below or another product entirely. Halfords sell these, they had the Protect but not the silicon shine. Silicon shine>>>...
  11. Kona-Ian

    On-one bent rails, repair?

    What's the best way to straighten the rails on this saddle? Thanks.
  12. Kona-Ian

    Raleigh Peak bike 17" frame.

    The turquoise one. £80 no bids. ... SwxvFfJD-6
  13. Kona-Ian

    1998 Kona Explosif frame looks good.

    At £52 at the moment. ... SwZ8ZfGuc6
  14. Kona-Ian

    Anyone good at Maths. Cateye cycle computer calibration.

    Just testing new cycle computer again today. Circumference measured 2080mm. Looking at the chart that's for > 700x19C. Popped out for quick test and computer says 4.3miles and GPS said 4.4miles. On chart doesn't have 26x1.9 closest was 26x1.95 and that was 2050mm, when tested that it was...
  15. Kona-Ian

    Very strange bike. ... SwtWNe74hQ
  16. Kona-Ian

    650ml bottles of Heineken for 10p each.

    Had Tesco delivery and got 6x bottles of Heineken for 60p. :) Not a bad deal I didn't think :lol:
  17. Kona-Ian

    1999 Kona Hahanna. Looks alright. ... SwcQRfAhZ6
  18. Kona-Ian

    Your favourite album of the year so far.

    Has to be an album that has been released this year. Eminem Music To Be Murdered By for me. Shady is back, none of that shouty whining angry noise he's been making in his last couple of albums. Having been a fan since The Slim Shady LP.
  19. Kona-Ian

    1993 Raleigh Peak touch up paint.

    Back in the 90's when I had my first Raleigh Peak it came with touch up paint. I'm guessing that there is nobody that can get it now? Otherwise thinking about going to local paint shop and seeing what they can match up.
  20. Kona-Ian

    Kona Kikapu might go cheap spelt wrong. ... Swcble7894 Mountian bike. Kona bit is spelt right though ignore me :facepalm: Will still come up under Kona.