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    Orange Ms Isle

    Hi All, Have been a member here for years but was out of the bike scene for a while. Am back again and I have refreshed my Orange Ms Isle that I have had since new (around 2001). All paint/decals are original. I know some may say keep original but I want it to ride a bit more “modern” and...
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    As well as my Orange Ms Isle I also own an Orange C16-R which I have had since new (1996 i think!) It has had lots of use but it is still in really good condition. I stripped it back to it's frame today, i am going to give it a good clean up and clean all the group set and replace any...
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    Orange Ms Isle - Owned from new

    Hi, I am new to the site, I stumbled across it and had a browse and it bought back lots of memories looking at all the old skool bikes! I have been into bikes for many, many years. for my 14th/15th birthday (around 1996) my mum and dad bought me a C16-R frameset which i built up with LX/XT...