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  1. Jam_SWorks

    My PEUGEOT Collection - One bike at a time

    Hi all, I've not put many threads up on here and its high time I did so. Id like to share my PEUGEOT collection over the next few weeks/months as I slowly upload my photos (it takes time). I've been accumulating & restoring for various mtb Pugs for the last 7yrs (looking out for those...
  2. Jam_SWorks

    (SOLD) Mavic Open 4 CD wheelset (campag / shimano)

    (NOW SOLD) Hi for sale are my used Mavic Open 4 CD wheelset (36 hole) using DT double butted spokes & running pretty true / spokes nipples are not seized. The rear is built using a Shimano 600 hub which is still running buttery smooth (width 125mm). The QR has surface rust however from storage...
  3. Jam_SWorks

    (SOLD) Profile aero bars (1995)

    (NOW SOLD) Hi for sale are some old school retro profile aero bars. All bolts move freely and no stripped threads. They need a good clean, the shifter barrels are rusty and needs some new pads but otherwise retro look usable. £10 Payment via paypal friends or goods please add fee (also accept...
  4. Jam_SWorks

    SOLD - Vitus 979 Frameset, Forks (with headset & seat post)

    (Now SOLD) My lovely retro Vitus 979 Frame is up for sale. (Size is 55cm centre to centre OR 57cm centre to top of seat as stamped on the frame). The frameset includes the correct 979 dural fork with period correct smooth / serviced Campagnolo headset & Campag seat post. All bonded lugs and...
  5. Jam_SWorks

    Shimano 600 (mech/shifters), Campag Chorus (Cranks/brakes)

    Hi all, time for a clear out and up for sale are some Shimano 600 / Campag Chorus components. All in good working order, various age related marks, as follows: (SOLD) Campagnolo Chorus Monoplaner Brake Calipers & handle bar levers (front & rear) = £50 (SOLD) Campagnolo Chorus Crankset & Rings...
  6. Jam_SWorks

    Scott Spark 10 or 20 with 26” wheel

    Hi all, I’m on the hunt for a slightly later bit still Next-to-be-retro-ish Scott Spark 10 or 20 (Carbon full suspension) in small frame. Happy to buy just the frameset or full bike. I’m looking to build a decent/ top of range full sus for my 9yr son. Let me know if anyone has one to sell...
  7. Jam_SWorks

    Cleaning or rechroming parts?

    Hi all, I've got a couple of older mtb bikes which have chrome parts that have some surface corrosion. Such as headset races, pedals, bars & rims. Im aware of good old coca-cola with tin foil rubbing gets quite good results. Are there other methods? and if I wanted the parts to be rechromed...
  8. Jam_SWorks

    Specialized SWorks Pro Z21 wheelset, with Shimano XT hubs

    Hi there, for sale is lovely pair of very lightweight Specialized SWorks Pro Z21 wheelset, with Shimano XT hubs in good, but used condition. Sold as seen in photos including/featuring: Specialized SWorks Z-21 Pro rims (with original SWorks decals still showing) Double butted spokes with gold...
  9. Jam_SWorks

    SOLD -1994 Specialized SWorks steel frame = SWorks seat post

    NOW SOLD For sale is my lovely 1994 Specialized SWorks steel frame in 19" size. Price includes alloy SWorks seat post & SWorks titanium seat bolt. Overall in good/reasonable condition for age. No dents or cracks but the paint works does bare various light scratches, chips (chain stay rash) &...
  10. Jam_SWorks

    1994 Specialized SWorks with Rockshox FSX forks

    1994 Specialized SWorks with 1995 Rockshox FSX forks - £750 For sale is my used, but still lovely 1994 Specialized SWorks. Fully kitted out with original SWorks goodies across the package. If the bike does not sell as a complete bike I will separate for parts. First priority goes to anyone...
  11. Jam_SWorks

    SOLD - Trek OCLV 9900 Frame (15")

    Now SOLD 8) Hi there, for sale is my lovely Trek OCLV 9900 carbon frame. Its quite a small frame at 15" size. I used it for my daughters retro build. Its been brilliant, super super light and well cared for (actually hardly used to be honest). The frame is in used / very good condition, no...
  12. Jam_SWorks

    Various = Middleburn, Shimano XT, Hope & Purple Bling

    Hi, for sale are various parts from my daughters retro build that ive separated out. All in used but good working condition. Parts will have light scuffs or marks from use or some paint defects from age. See photos for reference. Still for sale: Shimano XT m739 = Rear mech = £20 Shimano XT...
  13. Jam_SWorks

    Peugeot Python mtb from 1989-1990ish

    Hi all, I’m on the lookout / want to buy a Peugeot Python mtb from 1989-1990ish. If you know of one or have one to sell let me know. Cheers James
  14. Jam_SWorks

    Shimano XTR, XT & LX, XT disc/lever Mavic x317, Syncros Ti

    Shimano XTR, XT & LX (mix), Deore XT disc/lever on Mavic x317, Syncros Ti I have for sale a selection of nice parts which are in good used working condition (unless specified otherwise). Various surface marks so refer to photos attached. Payment via paypal friends or pay fees on top. Postage /...
  15. Jam_SWorks

    (1993) GIANT Cadex CFM-1 with Rockshox

    (1993) GIANT Cadex CFM-1 with Rockshox I have for sale a lovely but used 1993 GIANT Cadex CFM-1 with the original Rockshox Mag forks (in unique white). The frame size is: BB to top of seat tube = 18.5” or 47cm Comes with original headset, seat pin & seat QR. The Rockshox are in good working...
  16. Jam_SWorks

    Nice mix of XTR (m900 & m960), Hope (hubs & levers) & X-Lite

    I have for sale a selection of useful parts which are in average / used condition. A slight change in my current retro building plan means I no longer need these parts. All bearings, teeth, seals, stanchions, functional parts are in good working order (unless specified otherwise). Various...
  17. Jam_SWorks

    Alpinestars t24 - anyone want to sell?

    Hi all, following a successful retro build on my daughters bike, I’d love to build one for my son now too. I’d love to find / buy an alpinestars t24 frameset or complete bike. Anyone got one to sell? Cheers James
  18. Jam_SWorks

    1997 Marazocchi Bomber Z1 = what fork oil?

    Hi Folks, just wondering what modern fork oil you'd recommend for a set of 1997 Marazocchi Bomber Z1 suspension forks? Cheers James
  19. Jam_SWorks

    Canti spring (silver) for Shimano M900 Canti brakes

    Hi all, long shot... I appear to have two gold/bronze (right hand) springs with my Shimano M900 canti brakes. Rendering them useless as I need to find the coresponding sliver (left hand) spring. Does anyone have a spare or wish to swap for a bronze/gold one Please search your spares :D Warm...
  20. Jam_SWorks

    What suspension grease? Judys... Manitou 1 & 2

    Hi all, Finally my last tube of retro Manitou Motorex suspension grease has run out. Had 3 of them since the 90s :xmas-big-grin: So what do you retro peeps recommend for lubing up the good old Rockshox Judys or Manitou 1 or 2 forks? Cheers James