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    Orange disc brake rotors

    I‘ve got these on my Sub5Pro - came as part of the Hope upgrade pack, Hubs, Brakes and Headset.Custom option allowed you to specify a name or short number of words.
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    no rhyme,no reason just 1 retrobike pic per post

    Just arrived...
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    What shoes do you wear for mountain biking?

    Something not too formal with a kitten heel? But more normally, Specialized 2FO clippy shoes on Time MX pedals.
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    May 2021peaks aftermath

    Corking ride. Weather couldn‘t have been better. Bicycle Repairman even made an appearance (aka LGF)!
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    Nearly there....

    Pip, thoughts with you with the west midlands.
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    Its been a funny old few weeks

    Glad to see you back Mark, hope to see you in the peaks!
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    Is it a sign, First ride, first crash in years

    Hmm - my ‘96(?) Kili Race spat me off last night, so not all retro is safe. :-(
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    The Forum is Back

    Looking good
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    The *NOT BORING!* Hi-Fi faff chat and sales

    Thanks peeps, into the realm of “travel pack” sized tun rather than “man size” we go. Will also see if i can get the A1 Mk3 sorted.
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    The *NOT BORING!* Hi-Fi faff chat and sales

    After over twenty years of happy service, my Cambridge Audio A1 Mk3 is less than happy. Started with a bit of crackle with volume adjustment and occasional loss of one channel of audio - sweep back and forth usually sorted it. Left hand channel now refusing to play, and right needs to be at just...
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    peaks ride, sat 29th may 2021 9am meet for 9.30 depart

    Up for this, rules and sensibility allowing.
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    no rhyme,no reason just 1 retrobike pic per post

    Re: Nearly a Kona full bounce...
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    Site Issues Thread

    Currently using “subsilver” not “subsilver sidebar”, on iPad if that makes a difference.
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    Site Issues Thread

    Guess happy that’s it’s not just me, but still slightly annoying.
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    Site Issues Thread

    Anyone else getting pop-up ads over the last few days? Nothing particularly dodgy - mobility scooters and Superchips (didn’t realise they were still a thing). I’d like to think I’m too old for the latter, and not old enough for the former. :D
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    Running modern handlebars and stem

    Have wider bars (650mm ish) and slightly shorter stem (90mm ish) on some of mine, no extra rise, def preferred as a general rider. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to having narrow bars (sub 550mm) one time zone ahead of the rest of the bike. :D
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    Bridesmaid of the Year 2020

    Re: Re: Should be added to this thread... ... p;t=407812 :D