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  1. dalecooper

    FS Shimano Deore XT M739 parts. Mavic M217 SUP wheelset

    For sale the following items: Shifter/brakeset M739 Deore XT some scratches without displays 30 EuroSOLD V-brakeset M739 with good brakeshoes. complete with bolts and parts. 25 Euro Front derailleur Deore XT toppull size 31.8 15 Euro.SOLD Rear derailleur Deore LX 10 Euro. Wheelset 32 hole...
  2. dalecooper

    Marin Rocky Ridge 1995 White Industries, Deore LX New Price

    For sale a 1995 Marin Rocky Ridge in size 17.5 inch. Bike is from Aluminium 7005 and the fork is steel. Bike is fitted with a Shimano Deore LX group (shiftbrakelevers(one display is not working), hubs, axle front and rear derailleur) Further parts are White Industries cranks, Mavic M400 rims...
  3. dalecooper

    Deore XT gruppo Scott Super America frame added

    For sale the following items: Crankset 46-36-24 Shimano M730 Deore XT 175mm length 40 complete with bolts and caps. 40 EuroSOLD Shimano SLR Brakeset (brakeblocks rusty )M732 15 EuroSOLD Shimano Deore XT M732 brake/shiftleverset complete with the rubber caps. 40 Euro.SOLD Shimano Deore XT rear...
  4. dalecooper

    Shimano Deore DX parts 1991 Araya wheels CV-7 New Price

    For sale some Deore DX parts. Crankset FC-MT60 silver (no Biopace) 48-38-28 175mm length. 30 euroSOLD Shifter/brakeset ST-M071 left Deore DX right Deore XT 25 euro. Rear derailleur long cage 15euro. Front derailleur downpull 10 euro Low profile brakes BR-MT62 front Shimano blocks and rear grey...
  5. dalecooper

    Panasonic MC6500 Japanese steel

    Last week i picked this one up and since it was a rainy weekend (like every weekend these days....) cleaned it and put it back together. This (big bike i can ride it but it is a tad too big...)example is fitted with a full Deore DX gruppo (hubs, shifter/brakelevers, crankset. I am always amazed...
  6. dalecooper

    FS Koga Miyata Terrarunner steel full Deore DX

    For sale a steel 52cm Koga Miyata Terrarunner from 1991. Bike is fitted with a full Deore DX gruppo, headset, hubs, front and rear derailleur shifter/brakelevers, brakes (u brake) and crankset. Seatpost is a Sakae 29.6. Seat a Selle San Marco Rolls. Stem (rusty) Tioga T bone and the bar a...
  7. dalecooper

    For sale Koga Miyata Terrarunner Carbolite

    For sale a 1992 Koga Miyata Terrarunner Carbolite. Bombproof very good quality frame made by Miyata, Japan and sold in the Netherlands by Koga, hence the name Koga Miyata. Frame is made from carbon headtubes and glued to aluminimum lugs. Fork is made from Koga's own Hardlite FM1 steel. Frame is...
  8. dalecooper

    Rusty Onza barends?

    Just discovered this rusty pair of steel barends. Was wondering if these are Onza barends since the topcaps are onza's? No markings on the barends itself.
  9. dalecooper

    FS Mavic wheelset,Nitto seatpost, Scott, Shimano Deore DX

    For sale the following items: Syncros Cattleprod stem 1" (25.4) 120mm black, no rise complete with noodle. Stem is in nice shape only a piece of the S is missing and a little paintchip. 50 euro.SOLD Syncros Bar black complete with the copper shim. Only a little scratch on one of the ends due to...
  10. dalecooper

    Original Team jersey TREK 2014 Gregory Rast

    For sale a team jersey from the TREK team 2014 worn by Gregory Rast one of the team members. It is only worn once by me but it is too tight ( i am more into mtb clothing with a loose fit). Size is Medium, fabric is very open and is perfect for summer. 40 euro.(that's exactly what i paid for it)...
  11. dalecooper

    FS Flite & Thumbies, FC-M730 crankset Deore XT+ Karma

    For sale the following items: Selle Italia Flite in a used state some scuffs but overall the leather is in good shape (black shoepolish?) Ti rails are tight not loose. 20 euro. Shimano Deore XT thumbshifters seem to work ok (i've had zero experience with these...) only the black is...
  12. dalecooper

    FC-M730 180 mm cranks

    Was just wondering got a set of FC-M730 cranks with a length of 180 mm. Is there so much difference in riding with longer or shorter cranks? Personally i don't know the difference. And how many lengths are there (i know 170-175-180)?
  13. dalecooper

    Shimano Mountain LX gruppo M452, Marin Bear Valley 89 frame

    For sale a complete Shimano Mountain LX gruppo. Set consists of the following items: Crankset (175mm 46,36,26 Biopace blades, crankbolts)SOLD Brake/shiftlevers with thumbshifters.SOLD Cantilevers front and rear.SOLD QR front and rear and seatpost.SOLD Sakae seatpost.26.6 SOLD Tioga T-bone stem...
  14. dalecooper

    FS Koga Miyata Terrarunner Carbolite Deore DX/XT 1992

    For sale this 52 cm Koga Miyata Terrarunner Carbolite from 1992. Bike is only used as a commuter on the road and has not seen any terrain. All components are in good nick only the right shifter is not original. Seatpost is a black Nitto. Wheels are Mavic M231 laced to black Deore DX hubs with no...
  15. dalecooper

    Syncros bar 6061 T831 black complete with shim

    For sale is this black bar from Syncros it's from 1992 and reads 6061 T831 Heat treated. It is not straight but has a little bend, comes complete with shim. Some fading on the logo but overall in good condition, no cracks or dents. 40 euro.SOLD Payment by Paypal, can be shipped worldwide...
  16. dalecooper

    Shimano XTR M900 group, Suntour XC Pro levers

    I have for sale the following items: XTR M900 rear derailleur long cage. 65 euro.SOLD XTR M900 front derailleur 31.8 down pull. 45 euro.SOLD XTR M900 cantilever brakeset complete with XTR brakeblocks (used) 60 euro.SOLD XTR M900 wheelset 36 hole complete with Rigida Laser 40 rims. 100 euro.SOLD...
  17. dalecooper

    Dutch made Mountainbike Empella

    Last week i found this very yellow mountainbike not far from my home and decided to take a look and pick it up. I was very surprised it was fitted with almost a complete XTR M900 gruppo!(only the brakelevers and shifters are not M900) Wasn't expecting this. Empella is the name for a local...
  18. dalecooper

    Answer ATAC, M739 brakes, M736 derailleur Manitou4 reduced

    For sale the following items: Answer ATAC Quillstem 130mm length silver 35 euro.SOLD Control Tech Ti QR set blue (anodizing is worn) 20 euro.SOLD Set Ritchey Logic brakelevers (by Diacompe) 15 euro.SOLD Front Derailleur Shimano XT M736, 34.9 Toppull. 10 euro. Rear Derailleur M739 Deore XT...
  19. dalecooper

    Marin Bear Valley 1989 Mountain LX

    Last week went to another part o Limburg to pick up this old steel Marin. According to the brochure it is from 1989 and fitted with Shimano MH452 Mountain LX. This is my first bike fitted with thumbshifters. Overall it is in good shape some rust and damaged paint, but the Shimano parts are in...
  20. dalecooper

    Stumpjumper Sunday at the Mountainbikemuseum Arnhem

    This sunday i visited the nice city of Arnhem where the Mountainbikemuseum of Jeroen van Roekel is situated. Went there for a special event about the iconic Specialized Stumpjumper. Met a lot of members of the Dutch Forum Even Specialized was present also with some Fatboy...