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    Concorde Colombo build

    Great looking bike, and great resto job. I've always had a love for Concordes, and I finally was able to obtain one last week. Still waiting on a bunch of parts for it. I'm really excited to build this up.
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    1998 Hardrock Singlespeed

    You should easily be able to pop those headset cups out with a piece of pvc pipe and a hammer.
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    Klein Attitude Moonrise Linear Fade 1993

    Wow. Has that been vacuum sealed for the past 25 years? It looks brand new.
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    What year is this Rockhopper

    It's a 92.
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    1993(?) Cannondale B.O.T.E frame/fork project build

    Very cool. I loved my BOTE. Hard bike to wheelie though because of the bottom bracket height.
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    On the subject of skips...

    Re: Well, I hope you're alright man. I wish you the best.
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    Pinarello Montello : Aqua Blue Cromovelato - final on page 4

    May I ask where you found the leather sew-up bar tape? I haven't been able to find any in white.
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    BotM October 2020 - The vote

    This is one of those months where we need 2 votes.
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    GT Tequesta 1989ish

    Re: GT Tequesta 89 or 90 probably. They only used that font for a few years.
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    1991 Cannondale SM800 Beast of the East

    Great bike. I miss my Beast. Not an easy bike to ride wheelies on though.
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    Beachcombers rule.........what year? FW Evans.

    Re: Beachcombers rule.........what year? That frame would be awesome with BMX wheels on it.
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    1993 Specialized Hardrock Ultra

    Re: Probably not, but Ebay is a good place to look. They pop up quite often. In the US, Craigslist is a good place to look, I don't know if you guys use that, or something similar in Europe?
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    1993 Specialized Hardrock Ultra

    Re: Ebay. ... SwjDpe9tBF
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    KARMA Campag veloce 8-sp wheels on Open 4cd - collected only

    I'm totally in the market for a set, but shipping to the US would probably be a killer.
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    my Cinelli Supercorsa, early 90s red

    That is a beautiful looking machine. I firmly believe that all Italian road bikes should be red.
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    1991 Stumpjumper Team

    For a mountain bike, it's my 98 Stumpjumper pro with full XTR M950.
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    1991 Stumpjumper Team

    Very nice. I had a 91 Team in pearl white, and it was my 2nd favorite bike ever. Hopefully I'll find another one someday.
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    Is this a 1995 (?) Diamond Back Axis ... Pro?

    Re: Great looking frame. That would be a fun build. I'd just build it temporarily with the XT /LX bits and just keep an eye out for decent priced XTR stuff to swap eventually. Older DB's had far too much rake in the steering for my taste. The marzocchi may quicken your steering, but it would...
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    1994 Cannondale Killer V900

    Re: Great bike. Not a lot of Cannondale love on here that I've found, but I'm a big fan. My next build will probably be a Cannondale.
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    Compatibility of XT 739 V-Brake levers with canti's?

    If you take the spacers out of the roller cam, they work just fine.