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  1. Billyroger

    Sold 1996 GT Karakoram

    20" 1996 Gt Karakoram The bike works well, all components in good condition. The frame has some mark as shown in the photos but nothing too bad, not restored just an original spec GT that hasn’t been used much. LX groupset – all working well STX cantis LX STI levers LX front and rear mech LX...
  2. Billyroger

    Sold 1996 Saracen Kili Pro

    1996 Saracen Kili Pro with Ritchey dropouts. I took the frame back to raw steel, used primer and Spray.Bike Pewter Silver, added Retro Decals decals then gloss transparent finish. So glad I rescued this frame. The bike has only been ridden in the garden since built just to check all...
  3. Billyroger

    1998 GT Avalanche LE

    1998 GT Avalanche LE 18". I bought the frame during lockdown, was unsure which model or year at the time. Due to the serial numbers and frame characteristics it was identified as a 98 Avalanche LE. I actually wanted a 98 Zaskar at the time to build up to the spec I used to have back in the day...