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  1. Kell

    Mid 90's Deore XT Parallax Wheelset **Sold**

    Bought on this site around 4 years ago for a build I never completed. They feel smooth to me, but I've never used them. Given them a brief clean, but they would benefit from a proper degrease in all the little crevices. Mid 90s Shimano Deore XT Parallax wheel set. Hand built by Jeremy...
  2. Kell

    Shimano XTR CS M900 CASSETTE

    Cassette in decent nick. How do you tell age of these? And is it worth splitting from the wheels?
  3. Kell

    XT wheels. Plus Splashback, ground control, smoke tyres

    I have regretfully decided it was time to move on my bike, but the guy that bought it didn't need the wheels. So now I have to sell those separately - which is not an issue except I don't know how much they're worth. Bought about 4 years ago on this site, but I never fitted or used them...
  4. Kell

    *sold* X-Lite Bar ends, NOS Deore Shark fin, NOS Chill Pils

    All sold now. Thanks.
  5. Kell

    SOLD 94/95 Orange P7. SOLD.

    Started this a couple of times, but never got around to finishing. It’s my Orange P7 that I’ve owned since about 96. It’s getting to the point that if I don’t do anything with it (and I know I probably won’t) then it will rust away. I did start properly about four years ago, rubbed down...
  6. Kell

    Subscribing to topics

    Every time I make a comment on an topic, it automatically subscribes me to the topic. Is there a switch/button/option to turn this off? TIA.
  7. Kell

    Planet X currently have a deal on Turbo saddles...

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but Planet X have Turbo saddles starting from £24.99 ... 980-saddle
  8. Kell

    Stuck chain ring bolt...

    I've just tried to remove a chain ring bolt on one of my bikes (it's actually the Brompton) and can't get it off. As I'd imagine many of you have dealt with seized parts, you might have a solution I’ve not thought of yet. The problem is that the slot on the reverse had rounded off, so I can’t...
  9. Kell

    Whole family of old Bianchis

    Cycling home from work the other night I caught a while family on old Bianchi MTBs - the Mum was behind the taxi to my left, so couldn't get her in shot. No real reason to post other than for interest.
  10. Kell

    A video I made in about 1990 (I think)

    Stumbled across an old VHS we made one weekend up in Jedburgh. I was in the Scouts and for a project, we borrowed a video camera from our local library to go and film some 'Mountain biking'. It's all very (very) tame by today's standards. Even by 1990 standards actually, but it might be of...
  11. Kell

    Much love for HardRocks?

    When I was at my mate's the other weekend, i noticed they had a Hard Rock hanging up in the garage. Don't know much about it, wasn't until after I'd left that I'd even thought about asking if they'd sell it. But are they worth much? It's had an easy life. I can't remember in my head if it's...
  12. Kell

    How do you tell if a BB is FUBAR, without building a bike?

    I'm (STILL) in the process of putting my old 1995 Orange P7 back together. And when I looked through the box the other day, I wondered about the BB. I've bought a modern replacement (UN50-something) but I still have the UN71/2 from the bike. Now I don't remember for definite, but I'm almost...
  13. Kell

    Can anyone help identify this Saracen?

    A mate of mine at work has just bought this Saracen, and I wondered if anyone knew any more about it. He's tried Googling it, but didn't get very far. I said it looked like a Kili Team bike because of the sticker, to which he gave me a very blank look... But then if it was a Kili I was...
  14. Kell

    Lock your bike to bike racks?

    Check them carefully if they have tape on... Look out for gaffer tape on bike racks as it could be concealing the fact that it's been cut straight through so they can just slide your bike off with lock attached.
  15. Kell

    When did riser bars first make an appearance?

    First off, I'll make it clear that I'm not a fan of riser bars. In fact, on one of my early MTBs I flipped the stem to drop it even lower. However, that was 20 years' ago and these days, 'what with my back' and all, I think having a bit of height on the front end would be a bonus. But I don't...
  16. Kell

    Decal question...

    Anyone know if it's possible to get these anywhere?
  17. Kell

    Klein Pulse - no bids, £70 ... 0299.m3580
  18. Kell

    Purple Chill Pills

    Wanted. If anyone has a set.
  19. Kell

    New Old Stock - full bikes (Gary Fisher/Jamis/Scott)

    Some guy on ebay has got unopened boxes of the above bikes with what seem to be very low buy it now prices. Gary Fisher Wahoo Ti ... 3d03bed7e8 Jamis Durango Sport ... 2055843816 Scott Sawtooth...
  20. Kell

    Kell's idiot thread.

    I've never stripped down a bike before so I'm starting from an absolute zero knowledge base. And more importantly, it's a lot easier to break one apart, than it is to put one back together, so I'm going to have lots of questions. So, rather than cram up the board with repeated idiotic...