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    Karakoram K2 £65 BIN !! Grab it.

    Just spotted this, I'd pay that for the frame ! ... SwMoldBRHx

    Gaudy GT Performer ... SwxS9cfVty ...yeah why did you RUIN a GT Performer :P :P

    Stupid Question from a veteran RBer who should know better..

    I have blagged some Mavic 700c-32 wheels. Will they fit on one of my numerous MTBs with 26" wheels or is it a major faff cos of the brakes etc ??????

    80s Kuwahara MTB - Midhurst, Sussex ... SwaXpbziAy

    Cannondale M1000 -Worthing ... :rk:8:pf:0

    Plus a 92 Avalanche frame & some SAracens.

    Suggest someone just turns up with a van and takes the lot for that price.... ... 7675.l2562

    Alpinestars Cro-Mega £25 quid ! same guy ... SwPXdbgnXb

    1990 ZASKAR frame F-O-R-T-Y Q-U-I-D !!!! Grab it !!!! ... SwZCxbgnh1

    What budget LED bike lights ?

    Me again (and probably wrong room again.... these Newbies :oops: ). My last set of Chinese cree whatever LED bike lights died and although its getting lighter still need some serious searchlight power (live in the country - no street lights). Looking for a rechargeable front light bright...
  10. MADJEZ

    What paint for airbrushing my retro rides ?

    Probably wrong room (sorry). I bought myself a cheap and cheerful airbrushing kit and fancy doing some paint touch up (starting with some old scrap frames obviously !). Any tips on paint etc ? Obviously lots of prep& masking needed. What paint would be best, I have had one friend recommend...
  11. MADJEZ

    91 ! Early U-brake Zaskar in need of saving - London

    Forks WAAYY too long, mish-mash of parts. Someone save it before it snaps at the BB ! ... SwMGVaU9Jq
  12. MADJEZ

    Bumblebee Bristol - Possible GT Zaskar

    Rubbish pic, could be a flat end cap. It's a post 96 if it is, has ATAC stem. Worth a punt. ... ?ID=178853
  13. MADJEZ

    What's happened to Bumblebee Auctions ?

    After spending the last 8 years scouring Bumblebee auctions weekly I'm beginning to think it's a waste of time. There used to be loads of bikes advertised on there from all over the country but your lucky to see 10 or 15 these days. I must have bought 10+ bikes off there (including a certain...
  14. MADJEZ

    Ladies Muddy Fox (old) - Littlehampton. Ends soon.

    Interesting looking ladies Muddy Fox (sure one of the experts will know model), looks pretty good nick. Some original kit on it. ... SwUlxaL9eP
  15. MADJEZ

    Early GT Tequesta

    Sure someone was taking about wanting an early one recently. Looks like a 16". ... 0338.m3726
  16. MADJEZ

    Dirt cheap 1997 GT Bravado frame - Isleworth

    Someone save this frame. I'd have it in a heartbeat but got too many projects already. ... SwMvtZWhps
  17. MADJEZ

    Specialized Hardrock in need of love - Chichester Ebay

    Starting £5. ... Sw-0xYVEGE
  18. MADJEZ

    The 'Shockwheel' it'll revolutionize cycling !!!

    Hahahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: Was this posted on April 1st ? It's made of Meccano and has square hubs...
  19. MADJEZ

    GT Power Series cranks re-released.

    Cool ! Hope they'll fit MTBs like the originals. ... vzD8pi9.97
  20. MADJEZ

    Extralite full sus frame Southampton ebay

    Spotted this on the bay, exotic Italian anyone. ... SwPCVX7BaN