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  1. mrgumby

    Can anyone ID my Saracen frame? Kili comp?

    Morning all, I’ve got this friend which I thought was a specialised and I’ve just realised it’s a Saracen, and have spent the last hour trying to idea from the old catalogues on here but I still can’t figure it out. The forks look like kili comp, but none of the 1990s kili comp Bikes have an...
  2. mrgumby

    Muddy Fox 1989 courier comp (19" small size!) £100

    £100 plus £23.50 for Paisley freight, got boxes ready so can dispatch next day.. Please email me if you have any questions or need more pics, I'm not on here as much as I used to be.. Cheers Matt
  3. mrgumby

    Araya rims - scwalbe mountaineerII muddy fox Fast Trak tyre

    Collection from north london... Not sure about post,. Schwalbe moutAineer. £5 Muddy fox fasT TRACK. 26" x 2.0. FREE Pair of Araya rims 26" (1989). £20 plus post
  4. mrgumby

    Help - can you ID this logo please?

    Can anyone ID this logo for me? Its from an old 1980's seat post. It looks so familiar but i cant figure it out.. Cheers, Matt
  5. mrgumby

    Tange infinity - 1989 muddy fox seeker - Hull £80 small

    Seems like a good proce for someone: ... 1135073829
  6. mrgumby

    1980's Columbus Aelle Road Frame - can anyone ID please?

    I picked this up last week in Poole, really pleased with it but no idea what it is yet.. It had a real mix of parts on it: Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur and Pedals - early 80's Shimano 105 headset and Front mech - late 80's Shimano 600 cranks and Italian Bottom Bracket - early 80's It looks...
  7. mrgumby

    Raleigh SB8771 - "service des courses" - 753 with dura-ace

    Evening all, just dropping by to share my new bike. It's super light 753R tubes. Full Dura-Ace group. Looks like it still has the original bottom bracket, cables and brake pads. The saddle and pedals are more recent but all in all in pretty unmolested. The seatpost is 27.4mm! And it's...
  8. mrgumby

    Dawes Galaxy mixte in rochdale £60

    Cheap galaxy ... 235097ac44
  9. mrgumby

    1980's mystery steel frame 'stonehenge cycles salisbury'

    Here's one I picked up recently in warminster - a mystery steel framed 80's racer. The crankset was a campagnolo gran sport and the wheels had some decent mavic rims. Nice campagnolo headset. Bit of a mix of parts really. The steel seatpost was stuck but came out with a bit of persuasion...
  10. mrgumby

    '89 Muddy Fox courier comp's - mega SALE - thinning the herd!

    I've just uploaded these photos onto ebay.. ... 1629034177? If anyone feels the need for a 1989 MF courier Comp, Im your man! cheers, Matt
  11. mrgumby

    MTB for a 10-14 year old... 1990's -2010's

    Anyone got anything. Im looking for a friend whose ten year old has outgrown his last bike. Im based in london but get out to te west country a fair bit. Im thinking non-suspension but anything considered really, just trying to help hopim not to buy some rubbish from halfords.. Cheers, Matt
  12. mrgumby

    --- ZOLATONE ---

    19" retro marin eldridge MTB 1990's Very good neon orange paint. Good zolatone paint. Very good condition, I have only had to replace one of the shifters to get this working. Slick tyres for city riding. 26" wheels - both are true. rear has a hint of play and could do with a regrease...
  13. mrgumby

    'S&G ARAYA' MUDDY FOX - mini MTB - 24" wheels

    Just picked this up from some where in buckinghamshire I have cleaned it, removed the broken mudguards and swapped the (brooks) saddle out for a kashimax one. Here are some pics: Wheels:- Suzue hubs ararya box rims. Excellent condition. Tyres : original cheng shin snakebelly...
  14. mrgumby

    Cinelli 1960's Racer

    anyone know anything about cineli? :) It needs a bit of love..
  15. mrgumby

    ID help needed: 15 old 'sit up and beg' bikes 1950/60's

    morning retrobikers.. I recently acquired ( along with a lot of other stuff) 15 vintage 'sit up and beg' (?) style bikes. I know pretty much zero about these and would really appreciate any info anyone can shed on them. I will be selling them all on eventually so any idea of price would be...
  16. mrgumby

    Cannondale 1992 m700 ... 3f3c337785
  17. mrgumby

    Xt 730 pedals BearTrap

    Anyone got any? Must be good condition please. Thanks. Matt
  18. mrgumby

    105 crank arm - for raleigh banana 531C

    Hi, Im looking for a non drive side crank arm for a 105 crankset. Needs to be 170mm and square taper variety. Some of the chrome bolt covers would be nice too. Thanks, Matt (North London)
  19. mrgumby

    S and G Araya - £700 BIN LEEDS ... 418453693c I think i remember when this one came around last time. Was a bit better value back then. Still a lovely bike.
  20. mrgumby

    Mystery 80's japanese road frame Suntour Tange ?..?..?

    Hi, i picked this up up randomly the other day, but the guy had stripped the paint off so I'm wondering if anyone on here can shed any light. The drop outs are suntour and the forks have tange on the steerer. Serial number: M5J0517 The seat post is 26.8 or 26.6, cant remember which. Its...