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  1. Coleman

    Dave Yates Diablo Frame or Bike

    Anyone got a dave yates diablo frame or complete bike they would like to part with? 18” ish preferably a 91 with the splatter type paint job.
  2. Coleman

    Serotta Ti Legend 56cm Frame/Fork SOLD

    For Sale. Serotta Ti Legend Frame & F1 Fork. The serial number is TI 56 2441. Legend Ti. 56cm Sq. 2441 built (circa 1999/2000) Includes a CK no-logo headset, and two new brass barrel adjusters (one of the original assemblies is missing). It has been re-painted at some point in its life...
  3. Coleman

    2018 GT Grade Carbon 56cm SOLD

    For Sale: 2017 GT Grade Carbon 56cm This is the Ultegra model. Have done less than 100 miles on it. Looking to sell as either a complete bike (stock with GT stem and fizik saddle) or as a rolling chassis (frame/fork/headset/stem/bars/seatpost/saddle/wheels/tyres. - Bike -£995 - SOLD Great...
  4. Coleman

    93 Hei Hei

    This is nice: ... rk:12:pf:0
  5. Coleman

    Bottom Bracket of Mystery............

    Does anyone have any idea about this bottom bracket - manufacturer? Guessing the vintage is 1991/2 based on the age of the frame.
  6. Coleman

    Orange Vit T2 Frame - SOLD

    This project isn't going to happen for me so time to move it on....... A mint 94 (someone will confirm from serial number) Orange Vit T2 frame. No cracks. No chain suck. Decals in great shape. As good as you'll get bar a NOS, its had an easy life. Asking £450 plus shipping. That price gets...
  7. Coleman

    A Raleigh for Mike Muz ... rmvSB=true
  8. Coleman

    £10K Muddy fox Anyone?

    Dreamer: ... 0005.m1851 Pretty sure this has done the rounds before....
  9. Coleman

    Purple Chris King no thread set 1 1/8"

    After a no logo ck purple no thread set :)
  10. Coleman

    Tioga Wonder/Hound/Mud Dawgs

    After a nice pair of Tioga Wonder/Hound/Mud Dawgs - amber wall if poss. :D
  11. Coleman

    1991 Marin Team Ti

    Whats a 1991 Marin Team ti frame & ritchey logic Fork worth these days?
  12. Coleman

    1991 Marin Team Ti

    Whats a 1991 Marin Team ti frame & ritchey logic Fork worth these days?
  13. Coleman

    Renthal Stem, SPDs, Fizik Saddles

    Bit of a clear out of modern stuff: 120tpi ultra light Surly Nates. Few hundred miles on them, were run tubeless. £67.50 pair. SOLD Renthal APEX 50 mm stem 31.8mm clamp. Like new. £47.50 Fizik Gobi XM Saddle - White. Good condition. £30 Fizik Gobi XM K:ium - Black...
  14. Coleman

    F.S. 1989/90 Merlin Mountain Frame and Bars - SOLD

    Had this for a while now and have never got round to finishing it, I think because it is a touch too small for me. Here is the original advert for the frame on here - a bit of history. ... 4#p2157694 It is in great condition, some scuffs on the drive...
  15. Coleman

    Broken hip...

    Had a bit of an off the other day, landed badly and broke my hip :facepalm: Luckily only a mile into the ride so managed to get back to the car and mobile reception - makes you think about riding alone though! Despite the fracture being displaced they decided to fix it with canulated screws...
  16. Coleman

    Kona Hei Hei - 19" 91-93

    I'm after a Kona Hei Hei, 19" maybe get away with a 18". 1991 to 1993 vintage. Have cash or a 1991 Merlin or Marin Team Ti for PX/Trade. Cheers Adrian
  17. Coleman

    Roberts Fork - BIN - For Your BOLLOX

    These don't turn up that often... ... Swe7BWzHo5
  18. Coleman

    Modern - Campag Record Mavic Open Pro Wheels

    Nice set of wheels for a modern or retro/modern build. Had these on my Road Logic then the Spanky, both of which were too small so they've not covered more than a couple of hundred miles tops. Both wheels are straight and true, minimal marking on the braking faces. 32 spoke, 11 speed (not...
  19. Coleman

    31.8mm clamp 1" quill stem

    Has anyone ever seen one of these? Would like to avoid quill adaptors and shims. I have found this: ... 1572-1.htm Wondered if there were any other options? It might be a stop gap before getting something nicer custom made.
  20. Coleman

    Rockshox RS1

    After a really nice pair of RS1s Any steerer is ok.