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  1. GoldenEraMTB

    GoldenEraMTB's ebay listings

    Will be posting many bike related items over the next month or so: ... 7675.l2562 I gladly ship internationally 8)
  2. GoldenEraMTB

    GoldenEraMTB's ebay listings

    Will be posting many bike related items over the next month or so: ... 7675.l2562 I gladly ship internationally 8)
  3. GoldenEraMTB

    NOS Syncros 31.8 425mm seatpost, nice for that WTB Phoenix ... 1555.l2649 Was going to use it on my WTB Phoenix, but went in a slightly different direction.
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    Pulled. Thanks to those that had interest.
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    Ibis Mojo in my backyard Selling one of the last IBIS Mojo Steel (2000). Perfect condition 10/10, no scratches, no rust, no dents. This bike is a true American classic. It's built up for use on roads with high end parts. The bike is absolutely flawless as it was...
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    Cycle Pro Snakebelly Snake Belly Tires 26 2.125 set NOS ... 2a495491f9 The fun continues
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    Avocet Touring 1 Brown Saddle 1980's Made in USA ... 1618911285? Another one of my parts that was designated for the Ritchey Commando build that is no longer needed. The catalog photo of the Ritchey is just for demonstration purposes. The Ritchey is in my other auction. This auction is for one...
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    1983 Ritchey Fillet Brazed Frame Fork Bullmoose complete bik ... 2a4932f993 Once again, running a three day auction starting at .99 cents with a reasonable reserve. Shipping will be $100 or less within the United States. I'll gladly ship internationally so long as it can be sent to your country. Please know your...
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    Wilderness Trail BIkes WTB Shifter Mounts w/ XT Thumbies ... 1555.l2649 Shamelessly plugging my auction. Free shipping to USA. Glad to ship internationally, but the price is not listed as it will vary depending if I know and trust you or not. If I've never done business with you, it will need to be fully...
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    Specialized Crossroads II 2 24x1.95 Tires 24" SOLD

    For Sale: SOLD $100 (USD) negotiable Specialized Crossroads II 24x1.95 (but fit more like a 2.35) tires, along with Specialized 24" wheels, front and back, with cogs, and a Specialized 24" wheel bi-plane fork (rare): click for enormous pics: ... 7748_o.jpg...
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    1984 Specialized Stumpjumper XT $400 USD Very good condition

    For Sale: 1984 Specialized Stumpjumper XT $400 (USD) Negotiable 17.5" seattube length; 16.5" c to c; 21" TT; standover height with 1.5" tires is 29.5" XT Deerhead dérailleurs, shifters, cantis and levers, 27.0 sr laprade seat post, specialized hubs, Saturne X28 rims, Tourney XT 170mm cranks...
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    1" King Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB Headset in silver ... 1426.l2649 Don't see these very often; only seven hours left for this one.
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    1985 Red Turbo Saddle, Kooka Billet stem, Titec Phat Ti stem ... pg=&_from= more to come. RB members/visitors of this page, save yourself 10 percent off the ebay price, along with extra customs fees, by buying from me, on here, or on the FB page in my sig. Thanks
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    FAT CITY FAT CHANCE YO EDDY frame w/ Yo Eddy fork *SOLD*

    SOLD on 7/16/14 Fat City Cycles Fat Chance Yo Eddy, (Medium) (Made in Massachusetts): $780.00 USD ($50.00 USD Shipping in lower 48 United States; $100 shipped internationally) Frame/ Yo Eddy fork/ 1" CK no logo headset in silver; seat collar with green rubber seal/ matching Salsa stem. No...
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    Who made the first modern 29'er?

    Came across a frame that might be a 1998 29'er, which got me to thinking, who made the first modern (yes, late 90's what we now know as the 29'er; not referring to klunkers)? Anyone care to enlighten me, (maybe others), to the exact history of the modern day 29'er, and which makers played a key...
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    "Maybe you build bikes - well, I take them apart."

    This quote of the week, on ebay came from: ... 58a54b2491 (no relation :evil: )
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    1983 Fat Chance (SN 8370)

    1983 Fat Chance w/ 531 Box Crown Fork SN: 8370 Measurements: 20 3/4" Actual TT 21" Effective TT 16" C to T 17" ST 28" Standover ( with fully inflated 26x2.0 tires, as measured from floor to top of top tube, directly inline with bb spindle) Component highlights: Black anodized SR Laprade BMX...
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    Mountain Goat Escape w/ early CBR crankset and MG stem ... 1426.l2648 No reserve 8)
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    Brave Warrior E-stay by Bill Grove; awesome paint :-) ... 51b0c4fe51 with original fork cool 8)
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    1983 FAT with original box crown and TA crankset ... 27d6bee4cb Nice original 83 Fat, though the price is :shock: btw, this is not mine, that will be up for sale shortly. Mine is in nicer condition, for a fraction of this price :wink: