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  1. stumpjumper1990

    NOS/NIB Ritchey Logic Pro WCS hubs SOLD

    New in box, NOS Ritchey Logic Pro WCS hubs. 32h, 135mm £200 posted to UK. SOLD
  2. stumpjumper1990

    Marzocchi Starfork 1991 NOS/NIB

    For sale is this very nice and rare NOS Marzocchi Starfork from 1991. Still in it's original box with all the booklets. 200 GBP including EU shipment
  3. stumpjumper1990

    Ofmega carbon mtb crank

    Found these recently, but cannot find any indormation about them.... Does anybody have any idea on year etc..??
  4. stumpjumper1990

    1999 Sunn Duall

    Found something nice! A 1999 Sunn Duall.
  5. stumpjumper1990

    NOS Michelin Hi-Lite Express 26x1,75 SOLD

    Set of NOS Michelin Hi-Lite Express 26x1,75 See pics £40 posted to UK/EU
  6. stumpjumper1990

    1" ControlTech stem NOS

    1" ControlTech ahead stem silver 135mm 0 degrees NOS/NIB Not suitable for my build. Asking what I paid for it. 45 GBP posted to UK/EU
  7. stumpjumper1990

    1" ATAC stem silver

    1" silver ATAC stem ahead 135mm 0 degrees very good condition, but not suitable for my build. Asking what I paid for it. 50 GBP posted to UK/EU Paypal as gift. Reply here, followed by PM. Thanks!
  8. stumpjumper1990

    NOS Specialized rear and front rack SOLD

    For sale these retro Specialized rear and front rack. Both NOS. never been fitted but with some storage marks. 40 GBP for the pair posted!
  9. stumpjumper1990

    1993 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 18" SOLD

    Because my wife really likes her modern FS bike, I have to sell this lovely retrobike on her behalf. It's a 18" (I think) seatpost ctt 46cm or ctc 41,5cm and toptube ctc 55 cm. They only made a 16,5", 18", 19" in 1993. So I guess it's a 18". The bike is completely original with full LX and...
  10. stumpjumper1990

    Silver or black? Help wanted!

    I'm building my Rhygin and I need some help with the stem. I sorted all the other parts, but not sure about the stem. I have 3 options: - black Salsa - silver Answer ATAC - silver ControlTech What would you choose? Black salsa. Don't mind the long steerer. It has been cut allready. Silver...
  11. stumpjumper1990

    Chris King NoThreadSet 1" in black

    looking for a Chris King NoThreadSet in 1" in black. Like in the title! :) Logo or Sott Voce... what do you have? Thanks, Bart
  12. stumpjumper1990

    Cook, Middleburn, Judy, Suntour, thumbies

    For sale: Prices without shipping, but because of the size it wouldn't be more than £7 within the EU. - Middleburn compact 58 22t red £12 - Judy brace in DH red like new £25 - Middleburn compact 94 46t red £25 SOLD! - Middleburn compact 94 32t red £18 SOLD! - Cook Brothers compact spider for...
  13. stumpjumper1990

    Brake levers for cantilever from 1993-1996

    I'm looking for a nice set of brake levers for cantilever brakes in silver or black? Should be a set available from 1993 - 1996. Something nice, something special or just something beautifull...... What do you have? Please include pics and price posted to the Netherlands... Thanks, B
  14. stumpjumper1990

    Campagnolo Record OR cantilever brakes

    Looking for a nice set of Campagnolo Record OR cantilever brakes. Possible with the levers? What do you have? Like these:
  15. stumpjumper1990

    XT front mech FD-M738 in 28.6 top pull! SORTED!

    Looking for a XT front mech FD-M738 top pull, bottom swing in size 28.6 Anyone? Pics and price posted to the Netherlands... Thanks, Bart
  16. stumpjumper1990

    yellow or red retro saddle

    I am looking for a yellow or red retro saddle. I prefer a flite, but anything is considered! What do you have? Pics and price posted to the Netherlands, please! Thanks, B
  17. stumpjumper1990

    Rolf Urraco wheelset info needed

    Just bought this Rolf Urraco wheelset. According to the Rolf Primo website ( they made these Rolf wheels between 1996 and 2001. But can anyone give me more information about these Urraco wheels? Were they available in 1996 or did they come later? All info...
  18. stumpjumper1990

    Judy brace for v-brakes AC, Styff, Dengler, etc..

    Looking for a brace for my Rock Shox Judy DH from 1995. Looking for a V- brake specific brace. Would like something exotic or a nice red from Rock Shox which would match the red color of the fork.. Pics and price please! Thanks, Bart
  19. stumpjumper1990

    1994 Rhygin Ra

    After years of searching I have finally found myself a Rhygin in the colours of my dreams: Rasta! It showed up on in my size (well.... allmost... I have ridden 19" before). Bought it and now I'm waiting for it to arrive in the Netherlands... Could take some time, but here are some pics...
  20. stumpjumper1990

    Anyone nearby 13807 NY or NY area?

    Is there anyone one here living nearby 13807 NY or somewhere in the NY area who can help me with forwarding a bike to me in the Netherlands. I allready have someone on the West Coast who want to help me, but perhaps it will be cheaper/easier if someone from the East Coast can help me? Thanks, Bart