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  1. andrewl

    SSWC 2013 - Italy

    Ladies and Gents, Is anyone here heading to Italy in early September for SSWC 2013? I’m looking at getting to this one and it would be great to have a beer or three with a few Retrobikers while I’m there. If you are coming what are you going to race?? Andrew
  2. andrewl

    Lets have some rides!

    Now that we have our own little section lets start having some rides, shed sessions or whatever retrobike event takes your fancy. I'm not sure how much traffic we'll get here but I'm thinking that it may be a good idea to include the state in the event title but its not that critical. If...
  3. andrewl

    BOTM April 2012?

    I know time stands still here in Retrobike land sometimes but its the 9th of April in this part of the world and I was wondering if we'll see a special month thread soon ;)
  4. andrewl

    Mid 80s cranks and chain rings

    Gents, I’ve just started my first M700 Deer Head project and I’m in need of a period set of cranks and chain rings. Does anyone have something lurking around their man cave that they’d be willing to part with? Condition isn't that critical as long as they are usable. Shimano FC-6206...
  5. andrewl

    1930s bar/stem mounted bottles

    Gents, I’m trying to locate some proper 1930s style bar/stem mounted bottles and cages for my early 30s racer and was wondering if anyone knows where I may be able to obtain some. Alternatively if anyone has some good photos of proper vintage cages mounted to the bars can they post them so...
  6. andrewl

    Cairns World Cup 1994

    Some nice photos of a junior rider who went onto bigger and better things 8)
  7. andrewl

    Marzocchi XC500 in Purple/3DV

    As the title suggests I'm after a Marzocchi XC500 in lovely purple/3DV. Let me know if you have anything. Cheers Andrew
  8. andrewl

    WTD: Syncros Powerlite fork

    A bit of a long shot, but I'm after a Syncros Powerlite fork with a good crown and 1" steerer. I have a good set of Powerlite legs so the condition of the legs is less critical. Anyone got some they'd like to part with??
  9. andrewl

    1994 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

    I’ve had this Yo Eddy for a while now and thought it was probably about time I put some photos up here for the viewing pleasure of the masses. An eBay purchase from the original owner who at the time built it up with all the parts which they considered to the best at the time. The bike even...
  10. andrewl

    WTB - XT M730/M732 hubs

    I'm after the following XT hubs to complete a build: FH-M732 (rear XT hub) HB-M730 (front XT hub) either 32 or 36 hole will be fine as long as they both have the same amount of holes. Let me know what you have. Cheers Andrew
  11. andrewl

    Ritchey P23

    Not sure if this has been listed previously... ... 0675761525
  12. andrewl

    Those with Bufonophobia look away now, ORT content

    Bufonophobia - Fear of toads Those that are regulars on this site are likely to remember this bikes as it appeared a few times on eBay for stupid money and never sold. When it then appeared at a good price I bit the bullet and bought off the original owner who bought it new back in 1990...
  13. andrewl

    Hite Rite

    I'm after a Hite Rite in either NOS or very close to condition. Needs to be sent to Australia. Let me know if you have one. Cheers Andrew
  14. andrewl

    Seat post for 21 year old Canadian

    Gents, I’m currently in the process of rebuilding a nice 21 year old Canadian beauty and I’m after some advice on what would be a suitable period seat post for her. The current post is a period XT item but is a little too short. The bar and stem are currently Syncros items and look the...
  15. andrewl

    Is September BOTM going to have a theme?

    Just as the title suggests, theme or normal month??
  16. andrewl

    99 Turner RFX frame

    A 99 frame not 02 as listed.
  17. andrewl

    98 Kona Hei Hei 20" ... 0141739476 A 98 Hei Hei (not 97 as quoted) with an odd mix of original and other bits.
  18. andrewl

    Whatley's Cycles "Cressy" - early 30s Racer

    Time to share a little something I picked up cheaply this time last year. Cressy is a small town in northern Tasmania and this racing bike was made by a since long gone shop called Whatley's cycles. From what I can tell it was fairly typical of a local (Australian) road racing bike of the...
  19. andrewl

    Retrobike Global Ride - When is the next one??

    Hat's off to those who organised the Global Ride it was a lot of fun riding around in the dark chasing native animals in the bush and generally making a fool of ones self. Having had a look through all the great photos from around the world I was wondering if there were plans for other such...
  20. andrewl

    2005 Turner Flux

    The bike I've ridden the most over the last 5 years is my 2005 Turner Flux so its probably time that I showed it here. I ordered a Flux when they first appear in late 2004 and my frame was in the second batch of frame produced and made it to me in January 2005. I built it up using the then...