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  1. Brettels

    1996 GT All Terra catalog wanted

    Re: I have a jpg version of this 96 catalog
  2. Brettels

    New Project - Italian Vetta

    Re: Hi, unfortunately I no longer have the frame or decals.
  3. Brettels

    1993 Trek 9200

    Re: Sorry....dont have this anymore
  4. Brettels

    GT Jersey Collection

    Re: Some new additions to the collection....
  5. Brettels

    show us your gt's

    Re: Re: I actually took them off today....going to put vbrakes back on, maguras on something else...maybe....
  6. Brettels

    show us your gt's

    Re: Another LTS-1 from 1997....
  7. Brettels

    GT Jersey Collection

    Never the plan to chase years....just collect...
  8. Brettels

    GT XCR LE (2000)

    Re: Already have... and the two together before the upgrade on the XCR...
  9. Brettels

    GT Jersey Collection

    A couple more to ad to the collection
  10. Brettels

    show us your gt's

    My latest
  11. Brettels

    GT XCR LE (2000)

    Re: Bit of a update: Yellow Dukes and Disc Brakes
  12. Brettels

    spotting a fake Zaskar

    Its a 1999 Zaskar paint colors...same as my 99 Xizang....
  13. Brettels

    POST YER GT's! Here are mine

    Here are some of mine: 1999 Xizang 2000 XCR LE 2003 Zaskar Pro - Frame (currently building) 2005 IDXC 1.0 2006 GT Chucker 1.0
  14. Brettels

    GT Zaskar LE 1993

    I like the Edges better than the Michelins (Green)... I have another set of Onza's but of course they have cracks....
  15. Brettels

    1994 GT Zaskar

    Looking good....
  16. Brettels

    GT Zaskar LE 1993

    Thanks.......appreciate the comments
  17. Brettels

    show us your gt's

    My newly acquired 2000 GT XCR LE.....
  18. Brettels

    2003 GT Zaskar Pro

    This is how it finished up.....
  19. Brettels

    GT Zaskar LE 1993

    Had these tyres in storage for the past year and thought it was time to put them on something..... Tioga Edge.....
  20. Brettels

    New Project - 1997 GT LTS-1

    New project for the GT Stable. I've had a LTS previously and decided that the collection was incomplete without one.... So picked this (thanks Blackstar) so now the project begins.... Judy DH for the front end Mainly XT 9 Speed for the drivetrain....