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    1996 Kona Explosif

    A friend asked if I wanted to buy her 1996 Explosif which has spent the past few years sat in a barn. She suggested I made an offer... any thoughts on what it’s worth? It’s mostly original but needs some work - it would be a nice project!
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    1998 Cinder Cone

    I’ve recently become the owner of a 1998 Cinder Cone which is mostly original. A couple of questions for the experts out there... 1. What grips would have been on it originally? 2. Was the original Selle Italia XO Kona branded? 3. Is there anywhere you can get a set of frame bolts? The ones in...
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    1990 Cinder Cone

    I believe this had been on eBay for a while, and probably because it’s overpriced. What would be a fair price? Also, I’m not convinced it’s all original... should it not be XCD throughout and have a Velocity stem? ... 2772184935
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    1990 Kona Cinder Cone

    I’m looking for a 1990 Kona Cinder Cone (white with paint spatter). I’m happy to do part sourcing and restoration provided the frame and forks are in good condition, although I’d be equally happy with one already in mint condition!
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    Newbie - 1990 Kona

    This is my first ever post and I’m brand new to all this so apologies in advance for any stupidity which will no doubt occur at some point!!! Back in 1997 I bought a second hand 1990 Kona Cinder Cone, which, as a teenager I frankly ruined by ‘upgrading’ various parts. Every pound from my...