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    Sale: Zaskar, Thomson, Bombers, Mavic, XT, Chris King, etc

    Splitting out parts from Zaskar build, plus the frame ( :( ): Thomson Elite stem (25.4mm clamp) - £35 posted Thomson Elite layback seatpost (27.2mm / 330mm) - £35 posted SOLD Marzocchi Bombers Z3.5 - £50 posted Mavic 217CD built on M737 hubs - £75 (collection only) Blue Chris King 1 1/8”...
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    Gerard feedback

    Gerard bought a few XTR bits and some Turbines from me. Good comms throughout and all in all a very pleasant trade. Cheers!
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    Post-scaphoid fear. Wrist guards (and more)?

    Did my scaphoid in this weekend. Down the pub I'll say it was shredding some local gnar, but the reality is I went arse over tit after hitting a mildly muddy patch. Regardless, it hurt, and I have been looking at wrist guards since. Thing is, the doc did a good job of putting the fear of God...
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    A2Z disc brake adapter SOLD

    Absolutely brand spankers. Mounted to a frame and caliper, then unmounted and put back in a box, so as new condition! £15 posted? SOLD for £13 posted
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    2011 RockShox Recon Gold RL - SOLD

    Very nice condition indeed, stanchions are perfect.  100mm travel, with lockout, adjustable preload, and adjustable rebound.  Disc only (Post Mount, but I will include a PM to IS adapter for 180mm rotors).  1 1/8" threadless steerer (straight, not tapered), 200mm length.  9mm QR axle. 1.9kg...
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    Mavic CrossRide Disc wheelset & 2x 180mm rotors - SOLD

    Will come with skewers and tyres (which have a lot of life left). Few very minor marks here and there, but really nothing significant. PM me if interested, and I will send over more pics. Overall, very good condition. 7.5/10. £90 (plus postage at cost). SOLD Also a pair of 180mm rotors...
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    Black Chris King headset - SOLD

    As title really. Few marks from installation/removal over the years, but no affect on function. Logos are all fine. PM for more info/pics, etc. £40 (plus post) please. SOLD (sorry keitht! :oops:)
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    M970/975 - all sold

    Prices all include postage (to UK - PM me if you want shipping abroad). Please PM for any more photos/info, etc. M970 rear mech. Very good, few minor marks. 8/10. £35 Now £30 posted SOLD M975 disc brakes. Really not much wrong with these at all. Levers in excellent condition, as are...
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    Karma Zaskar frame - glasgow collect only

    I have a 1997 Kula frame and a 1991 Zaskar frame free to collect if anyone wants them. Kula is 20" (Kona sizing) and structurally sound. However, it got halfway through priming before I lost interest, so it looks a mess. Quick respray and you're laughing. GONE Zaskar was an ebay punt that...
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    Beach cruiser starter pack. Project for next summer?! SOLD

    Firstly, mods - apologies if not in the correct place...feel free to move as appropriate. Bought this frame with the plan of building a beach cruiser type effort. Images in my mind of rolling along to the beach on those long, warm, sunny Scottish summer days. :roll: Maybe better suited to...
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    RaceFace Turbine LP (inc. b/b) - SOLD

    Price does not include postage. PM me for more info/photos, etc. 44/36/24, superb condition, and includes 113mm RaceFace ISIS bottom bracket (to suit 68 or 73mm shells). £60 SOLD
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    Prices do not include postage. PM me for more info/photos, etc. ***WITHDRAWN (for now)*** M740 shifters, some marks to windows per photo, 7/10. £20 M737 front mech, 31.8, BP, BS, 8/10. £15 Exage 400LX front mech, 28.6, BP, BS. Missing the cable clamp bolt - simple to replace. Otherwise nice...
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    All gone

    Prices do not include postage. PM if you want more info/photos, etc Charge Spoon saddle. Good condition. 7/10. £10 SOLD Syncros Cattleprod(?) stem, 130mm, 25.4mm clamp, 7/10. £10 SOLD Silver DCD. 7/10. £10 SOLD Purple DCD. 8/10. £10 SOLD Azonic Shorty stem. 80mm, 25.4mm clamp. 7/10. £10...
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    XTR M950 - ALL SOLD

    Prices do not include postage. PM me if you want more info/photos, etc. Last spin on here before dreaded ebay. Open to all needs to go!! M950 front (36h) and rear (32h) hubs. Lovely condition, just the usual marks around the eyes where spokes have been fitted. 8/10. £90 NOW £75...
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    1998 STS 1000DS, 18" - SOLD

    For sale with a heavy heart, but the truth is it just doesn't get ridden any more. Has the BETD bearing upgrade worth £80-100 (depending on who you speak to!), so pivots are all tight. Rear drop outs have holes to take disc mount, and I can include one with the frame if that's the route you...
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    Sorted: Ye olde style cantilevers

    Don't know anything about them, but I like the style of old cantilevers. Not overly fussed what make, as long as they look the biz! Need front and rear please. Maybe something along the lines of...
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    OllieJones feedback

    Ollie bought a frame from me. Quick payment, and really nice guy to deal with. Recommended.
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    Disc brake adapter (A2Z?) for STS - SORTED (£20 @ Wiggle)

    I bought one of the eBay adaptors a while back, to allow me to run discs on my STS, but it doesn't seem to be the correct fit (adapter doesn't sit flush with the frame and caliper sits about 5mm 'offline'). So I would like to try another version of adapter. The first that comes to mind is the...
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    Kronos springs SOLD

    A set of unused Kronos springs for Judys. They have a green tab on one end of the spring, which I think indicates the 160-180lb/70-80kg range (enough for one of my arse cheeks, hence the sale). Bought them about 18 months ago off an eBay seller in US, but never fitted them. £17.50 posted? SOLD...
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    Mavic x117/x517, RaceFace Turbines, purple DCD

    Prices include postage unless otherwise stated. Ping me for better pics of any item. M400 front mech - £karma with any purchase Purple DCD, 7/10 - £10 Raceface Turbine LP chainset, 24/36/44, possibly the lightest (and prettiest) chainset I've ever owned, 9/10 - £50 Mavic X517 rims, both...