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    klein xs dolomite

    klein xs dolomite , original paint. this is original build from If I recall early 92 The ringle hubs had only just come on the market and it was before ringle qrs were titanium "these are the threaded rod versions" Ordered as frame and forks only and built up with xc pro "lighter than xt...
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    airborne lucky strike ,

    airborne lucky strike from 2002, my everday ride, most of the parts are from that era, mostly xtr m950 Comes in at a fraction under 18lbs .
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    pace rc31 canti mounts.

    Pace RC31 canti mounts. Anyone converted to disc and got a set lying about. Thanks. Colin
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    Kuwahara Roc D'azur DX

    kuwahara roc d'azur dx for sale ,owned by a friend from new. This is a rare beast from a manufacturer more known for its excellent bmx frames back in the day. Nice lugged frame with some nice details. purchased in 1989 Japanese spec bike , full dx groupset with strong seatpost, strong bars...
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    xtr m900 rear mech.

    xtr rear mech 65£ posted.
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    xtr m900

    a few bits for sale m900 T4 type Q cassette 12-28 £52 posted m900 A2 type P 12-32 cassette mint £ 65 posted m900 chain rings excellent condition £45 posted m900 rd 76£ posted m900 xtr cantis 52£ posted " got the straddle wires somewhere" m900 hubs 48£ posted" need a grease" m900 ceramic...
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    sharkfin,crud catcher,m739 front mech

    crud catcher 14£ posted xt sharkfin 14£ posted xt front mech m739,34.9,top pull 11£ posted paypal gift please. Prices are posted to UK
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    venhill ,xt,middleburn

    venhill ti crank bolts with correct ti washers 12£ posted midleburn ali inner chain ring bolts 9£ posted xt m740 shifters excellent condition except for chip out of window as shown in pic 40£ posted. paypal gift please ,prices are posted to UK.
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    ringle qrs 65£ xt m740 8 speed shifters with inner cables, mint condition 45£ ringle cage £12, no L bend x lite ti brake bolts 11£ orange f7 one inch forks ,130mm threaded steerer 25£ syncros stem 1 1/8, 130mm 15 degree rise with syncros plastic top cap 12£ All prices include shipping to UK...
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    M950 rear qr ,mint condition,do not think I have ever mounted it 20£ posted m950 brake levers excellent condition 55£ posted paypal gift please
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    shimano xt rear mechs ALL REDUCED BY £5

    first up m739 long cage excellent condition 32£ posted m739 long cage ,trick jockeys 25£ posted m732 cosmetically not pretty ,jockeys good, 17£ all above have no play in pivot
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    more stuff ALL PRICES REDUCED

    XC pro cantis ,only one straddle wire NOS 15£ posted. SOLD TI Xlite brake bolts 20£ posted. NOW £ 13 Airborne stubby titanium bar ends 23£ posted . NOW £18 USE titanium post 350mm with 27 and 27.2 shims 58£ posted. NOW 48£ Ringle cage ,no L bend plenty of wear...
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    american classic,Nos dx ALL SOLD

    dx thumbies excellent condition as one can see,only thing is I can't find mounting bolts, you can always fit them to your shagged xt thumbie mounts as the only difference between dx and xt is the mounts :lol: 20£ posted NOS dx cantis 14£ posted Original american classic post from...
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    topline titanium bottom bracket SOLD

    My clear out continues. Topline bb 115mm comes in at 173gms pretty unusual item, see plenty of the cranks. hardly any use, smooth bearings,had it on a weight weenie project back in the day Comes with the topline fitting tools and original instructions. 50£ paypal gift please
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    grey syncros stem 130mm 0 rise 1 1/8 black syncros stem 135mm 15 degree rise. 1 1/8 control tech stem 0ne inch 130mm 5 degree rise 10£ posted I have one plastic black syncros top cap with bolt. So it is 18£ posted with either stem including cap or 15£ posted each stem wihout cap...
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    Nos USE titanium spin stix REDUCED 22£ posted

    25£ posted paypal gift please now 22£
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    Syncros crank-O-matic SOLD

    rare has rocking horse poo 70£ posted, paypal gift
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    nos bits ALL SOLD

    Xt m735 nos boxed 70£ posted xt cassette 8 speed m737 11-28 nos boxed £45 posted xt shark fin m730 13£ posted xt front mech m732 28.6 band nos boxed 33£ scott se brakes with kool stop pads,nos boxed from 91 front and rear £50 posted. payment paypal gift please
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    Small quality mtb ,preferably 14" Kona

    as above ,no bigger than 14" Thanks
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    Small quality mtb ,preferably 14" Kona

    As above, no bigger than 14" frame. Thanks