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    How much is too much seatpost?

    The post will be designed to be strong enough not to snap, otherwise it would not have been made that long. The frame on the other hand will have been designed with a max seat post length in mind. The longer the seat post, the more leverage to bend the seat tube. Was the frame meant to have a...
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    Kona Explosif..?

    The rear half of the frame looks like a 98 Explosif. The right kind of dropouts and colour. I'd say someone painted over the front and stuck on new decals. Scratch a bit of the white paint off and you'll probably find blue underneath. That's one of the best riding steel frames Kona made. It...
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    Modern BB30 cranks on a retro frame? Yes you can! :)

    Yep. Worth pointing out that you will need a dedicated BB wrench for BSA30. The wrench for standard outboard BBs will not work.
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    Where to get Chris king upper race o-ring

    Re: If you rummage around your parts bin you may find other headsets that use the same o-ring. Jet Black (King clone) and old Woodman headsets come to mind.
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    Anyone DIY Hope split ring crown race?

    Awesome! Now I can blame someone else if it goes wrong :lol:
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    Anyone DIY Hope split ring crown race?

    I really like the Hope split ring crown race for installation and removal and was wondering if anyone has made a diy version on other cartridge bearing headsets. I imagine just cutting a crown race with a hack saw and filing the edges clean. What could go wrong? :lol:
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    Retro parts still in production

    Interesting points, though where to draw the line??? Are there no pedals that have stood the test of time?
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    Retro parts still in production

    Was wondering what retro mtb parts are still in production today in their original form? I'm not talking brand names or parts that have evolved, anniversary editions etc, but parts that have not changed since '97 or before and have been made since on a continuous basis, not just old stock...
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    -SOLD- Shimano XT chainring 44T 104bcd 9spd as new

    SOLD Brand new and unused. AUD50. Goes for 60 quid at SJS. ... t/?geoc=AU Pick up from Sydney or happy to post international at buyer's expense (eg AUD10 to UK via economy air or AUD37 express with tracking, up to you). Please also see ad for similar...
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    Rotor NoQ XC3 chainrings, 24-32-42T 4 arm 104bcd 9 spd

    Brand new, unused Rotor chainrings in 24, 32, 42T equipped with ramps and pins in black. These fit a standard 104bcd crank. Happy to sell together or separately. Prices in Aussie dollar. All three rings: AUD90 24T: AUD20 32T: AUD40 42T: AUD50 Similar rings sell for AUD70 (34T) on Ebay. Pick up...
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    Measuring Rim wear

    Sidewall failure depends on wall thickness, alloy, tyre pressure, dings in the rim, variations in manufacturing, your star sign :wink: etc... Most people don't have the experience or hindsight to learn from past experience and there are just too many variables, so in my experience, measuring...
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    Green Cycles Hornet - resto mod

    You need to drill a few holes in the bike to match that ultra light and equally retro pole :lol:
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    XT M735 cartridge bearing pedal strip

    Yes, PD40 tool works with the pedals. The internals are much the same as the modern pedals, but dimensions of most of the parts etc are slightly different. I was hoping to swap the guts with pedals pictured, but no go. Everything was just different enough that most parts could not be swapped :roll:
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    Spoke questions - single butted and 1.8mm straight gauge

    I tried plain gauge 1.6mm spokes (32 spoke 3x) on the front wheel long ago and didn't break anything, but found it was too flexy. Sprint and I would hear brake rub. Not a lot of off road at that time of my life. 1.8mm seems to be the sweet spot for front wheels for me. I figured 2.0mm plain...
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    Spoke questions - single butted and 1.8mm straight gauge

    Yeah, aside from DT, I've had problems with even branded spokes, though I haven't tried Sapim. The only single butted ones I can find there are thicker at the thread :roll: , which I really don't understand. Thanks, but I find fresh spokes easier to build with.
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    Spoke questions - single butted and 1.8mm straight gauge

    I'm having trouble sourcing spokes for a lightweight wheelbuild and was wondering what has happened to the wheelbuilding world since I last built an "exotic" wheel 10+ years ago. I used to run 1.8mm (15g) straight gauge spokes up front, but nobody sells them any more. I'm also looking for...
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    Building the THM way including paint masterclass. FW Evans

    If history is any guide, future retrobikers will be scratching their heads and cursing the clown who destroyed such a valuable bike... The History Man makes/repeats history??? 8)
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    Retro Build - Brake Pads

    Koolstop are the best I've used. Last long, stop better in the wet, don't shred your rims and are reasonably priced. Shimano pads wear very quickly in the wet, with the exception of XTR, which take chunks out of your rim instead.
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    Knee friendly stems without the protruding bolts?

    Re: Yep, mine too. But with the varieties and volumes churned out by Trek et al, with no distinctive name, good luck finding it on fleecebay :( I was hoping for something like this but for 31.8 bars. Ibis did a ti stem in this style, so this design wasn't just for low end generics. Raceface...