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    Help me to identify this Scott Windriver

    Scott was known for not adhering very closely to the specs in the catalogue vs the real bikes. Or having different specs in Europe or US. I have a German '91 Windriver and the saddle and pedals don't match the catalogue.
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    Trek 950 Singletrack

    I have those brake levers and yes, they are v-brake specific, the bolt being just to play with the brake feel. According to Shimano, "low" for most situations, "high" for racing and the likes. This is all personal taste of course, but I actually prefer the bike in the first picture, with all...
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    HELP! I teared off the eyelets (?) holding my water bottle!

    Thanks for all the answers. I think I'll go for the glue, and then add a ziptie to the bottle cage for extra safety. As a warning to others, I think the reason for this issue was that I recently changed the bottle cage to a Lezyne Power Cage, which are famous for holding the bottles very...
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    HELP! I teared off the eyelets (?) holding my water bottle!

    A couple of days ago I parked my bike on a wooden bench, but then it fell off to the other side. With such luck that the bottle cage hit a rock on the ground, and since it was carrying a bottle full of water, the impact pulled both bottle and cage from the frame, tearing off the bolts and also...
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    News Shimano 100th Anniversary

    If they made an "anniversary" edition of their thumbies, I can tell you they would be sold out in minutes... But right now they are having problems (like all other component manufacturers) just to meet demand of their normal range... Anyone trying to buy a cassette lately? Everything is sold out!
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    No more bikes!

    Re: I have been slowly but surely getting rid of most of my bikes in the past 2 years. Now it's a great moment to do so, as nice weather is coming and this year specially there's a great shortage of new bikes and parts so there's a huge demand in the second hand market! The process of selling...
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    26 ain't dead - but darned difficult to get intensive care

    If you ever have problems finding 26" parts, just go to online German shops. Plenty of 26" bikes still around (people here like to get fancy bikes and KEEP them) so I've never had any issues finding spares. I'm not picky with a particular model or brand though, which helps.
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    Wider 25.4 flat bars

    Re: Bike-Components has quite a few from 66cm to 71mm wide and different rise levels (none 100% flat). You need to scroll down the link below till you actually get to the handlebars on sale. ... =price_asc Not sure about shipping costs to wherever you...
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    Retro parts still in production

    Re: Dia Compe, specially their road stuff, looks like hasn't changed in decades. Not sure if it's really retro or just vintage-looking new stuff ... nti-lever/
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    Surly Troll and LHT discontinued. Their forks presumably too

    Re: What is clear from Surly's side is that the LHT and the Troll were not selling, at least not enough to keep making them. The Troll I understand. Media has told anyone looking for a new bike that 26" is old and stupid. And the ones that know better already have a bike. For the LHT, same...
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    Surly Troll and LHT discontinued. Their forks presumably too

    Surly has recently announced the discontinuation of those models, and another 2. But relevant to this forum might be the likely discontinuation of their forks as upgrades. Many retro mtbs have been saved thanks to a Troll or LHT fork replacement. The Disk Trucker will remain in production, but...
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    Work bikes

    Re: I like a lot your hack in the mudguards to make room for your vbrakes!
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    How much are your bikes really worth (retro or not)?

    I think you are right. In hindsight I should have placed the poll in the post-'98 subforum, since the heavy bias on retro bikes in this one is distorting the results. I have closed the poll, thanks anyway to all that took their time to answer! Don't play the game if you can't play the game.
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    How much are your bikes really worth (retro or not)?

    Re: Re: Not sure how since I'm not asking for any specifics (bike model, location, how many bikes, etc.) I explained the point in my first post, I just wanted to know the average bike value of most cyclists to see how far off, or how accurate, are bike media assesments of "we test a selection...
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    How much are your bikes really worth (retro or not)?

    Re: Re: Sorry, I have no clue how to do that, if even possible. Nevertheless, it's useful information as probably your 5k bike will push the overall worth up anyway. Thanks to all the answers so far...
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    How much are your bikes really worth (retro or not)?

    Discussing recently with a friend, we could not agree on what is the "average" price of bikes that most people have. If you read some "enthusiast" road cycling magazines, it seems to be 3000$-4000$, online channels "test" bikes well above 2000$, while when I go out riding, most people I meet...
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    wide(r) bars for retro mtbs

    Re: I found the name of the one I was talking about, "Riser Handlebar 30 / 25.4". Unfortunately as the name suggests it has a little bit of rise, and yes, it's on the heavy side, but it comes in 660mm and dirt cheap. Plenty of choice in German online shops, not sure in the UK. Manufacturer's...
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    wide(r) bars for retro mtbs

    Re: Ergotec, a German brand, makes a few handlebars in 62cm and 66cm. I haven't seen them any wider in 25.4 diameter. They are cheap online, at least in Germany, 10-15 EUR for the steel versions.
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    Univega so underrated?

    Re: My opinion is that Univegas are underrated NOW not so much for what happened back in the 90's, but because of the brand right now. They still exist but make very impersonal and average bikes, so nobody is very excited about them, meaning that unless you were into bikes in the 90's, you...
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    What replacement canti pads do we all use ?

    Jagwire makes some canti brake pads with the same cartridge system as v-brakes, so you can then use any v-brake pads from your favourite brand. Less waste, and less need to readjust the cantilever brakes as you don't need to remove the pads from the brakes with each replacement. They are called...