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  1. bontyfiend

    Sold Nitto Dirt Drop Quill Stems (x2): MT-10 80mm/100mm

    Two Nitto Dirt Drop (MT-10) quill stems for sale. Both 22.2 quill, for 26.0 dia bar. Some surface corrosion and signs of wear below where inserted into the steerer; above this cosmetically good. Mechanically good. £21 each posted. 100 mm SOLD; 80 mm SOLD
  2. bontyfiend

    Specialized Allez Epic 1991 58 cm F&F, Wheels

    For sale: Specialized Allez Epic Frame and Fork, 58 cm £85 collected Shimano 600/Mavic Open Pro Wheelset £85 collected • Happy to do a deal for both if bought together • I also have the rest of the 6400 groupset available, please ask for details if interested • I am in Oxford and work in...
  3. bontyfiend

    105 BR-1050 Brakes | Conti Attack/Force Tyres

    Howdy! The following are for sale. prices are posted to the UK. 105 BR-1050 very good condition with some surface corrosion on fasteners. £10.50 Conti Attack/Force part worn, good for a fair few miles £18/pair Kalloy ahead stem, as here: ... -prod5509/...
  4. bontyfiend

    ControlTech 1" Black [SOLD]

    Now combined with other for sale thread: ... p;t=340856 Control Tech Stem 1" 120mm ~5deg, some scuffs as shown; £16.50 SOLD BL M600 £10 SOLD SL MC38 £11.50]SOLD
  5. bontyfiend

    XT 7sp shifters|STX RC pads|Orange Barends

    Okey-dokey: Take a look, if you're interested PLEASE REPLY HERE FIRST so everyone knows what's what... All prices posted UK - happy to post internationally at cost. Don't be shy with reasonable offers - always happy to do multibuy discounts! XT 7-sp pod Cosmetic: 7/10 Mechanical: 8/10 £12 XT...
  6. bontyfiend

    Continental EDGE 26x1.9 Folding

    Continental Edge 26" x 1.9 folding Fair bit of life left. £9.50 posted UK.
  7. bontyfiend

    Orange Bits: Hot Rod, SK8, Enduro... (from '97 C-16R)

    Popped in to my LBS a while back for a roll of rim tape. Glanced at the bikes for sale out front on the way in and spotted a nice C-16R that had been PX'ed (prolly for a Dawes Mirage or some such). Good price. Couldn't resist. I've since put a riser stem and drop bars on, and switched to...
  8. bontyfiend

    C-16R project 'Orange'

    Took delivery of a C-16R frame from a member on here recently (I think it may have passed through a few RB sheds/garages in its time!) Plan is to turn it into a fast commuter for the wife for a b'day present. Here's how it was:
  9. bontyfiend

    SORTED 1" threaded steel fork

    Got one now, thanks! I'm building up a C16-R for my wife and I need a fork! Steerer needs to be at least 160mm; an F7 would be ideal, but I'll consider anything. Let me know if you've got anything that might be suitable! Thanks Matt
  10. bontyfiend

    105 front mech FD-M5600, 31.8

    ...or braze-on; preferably black. Let me know if you have one going spare! Thanks Matt
  11. bontyfiend

    Switchblade steerer interchangeability

    Anyone know if it would be possible to put a 1" steerer into a switchblade that currently has a 1 1/8" steerer? I guess I'm wondering whether it's possible to get a 1" steerer that's 1 1/8th where it fits into the crown...
  12. bontyfiend

    SOLVED - Quick seatpost Q

    SOLVED NOW, thanks! Just got a steel BMX seatpost for a hack bike (see below). The clamp isn't anything I've come across before; what do I need to clamp a saddle to it? Another part, or a particular kind of saddle? Grateful for any help!
  13. bontyfiend

    Klein bottle

    Ever come across one of these...? Basically, they only have one surface and so go round for ever and ever without an end, and they are ultimately pointless. I guess it would be amusing at first but get boring quite quickly. I can't quite think why, but the name seems particularly...
  14. bontyfiend

    XT 737/9 bottom-pull, 28.6 f. mech

    That's all! Have several other XT/LX mechs to swap if wanted. Thanks Matt
  15. bontyfiend

    SID - blue, non-disc, 210mm steerer

    Hi all I'm after a SID fork with a long-ish 1 1/8" steerer (~210mm). I'm running cantis, so no need for disc nonsense. Condition: just need to work okay, cosmetic appearance completely unimportant. I'm hankering after the blue variety (1998-99?). Reply here or drop me a PM. Thanks!
  16. bontyfiend


    Some modern road stuff for sale... If you're interested in something, please register your interest here first, then p.m. me so everyone knows what's what. :) All prices include UK postage unless stated otherwise. Will consider overseas shipping with appropriate adjustment to price...
  17. bontyfiend

    XT 733 4-finger levers|Ladies Brooks|Ti San Marco|+Bits

    The clearout continues... If you're interested in something, please register your interest here first, then p.m. me so everyone knows what's what. :) All prices include UK postage unless stated otherwise. Will consider overseas shipping with appropriate adjustment to price. XT M733...
  18. bontyfiend

    SOLD Lava Dome Frame/P2 - 1990 18.5" C-T SOLD

    FOR SALE: 1990 Kona Lava Dome F&F, 18.5" C-T (16" C-C) Cosmetically tatty but structurally good, with some scratches and bits of surface rust and a missing decal as seen in the photos. Needs a loving home and could be made lovely again with a respray and new decals! Otherwise keep it as it...
  19. bontyfiend

    XT, LX, Onza, Avid, other stuff... ALL SOLD!

    Following all SOLD: XT M735 Front Mech Bottom-pull, band-on, 31.8 Good condition, no play. £14 SOLD Crank Bros Mallet Pedals With cleats and bolts (as shown). Unused but a little dusty; bearing feels very slightly tight in one pedal. £24 SOLD Wellgo LX-type Pedals Very good...
  20. bontyfiend

    Graeme Obree - talk

    Hi Some of you might be interested to know that Graeme Obree is going to be talking about innovation and design on 8th Sept in London. See post here for details: Start dismantling your washing machine now!