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  1. coomber

    Beachcombers rule.........what year? FW Evans.

    Was just thinking of this today. Where you at with it.
  2. coomber

    For Sale More stuff added

    I'll take the deathgrips for 6 quid posted
  3. coomber

    GT Peace 9r Large

    3 years would be optimistic but you live in hope!
  4. coomber

    Cannondale F400

    Lovely. Those dales were ace
  5. coomber

    Does anyone recognise this DH style stem?

    There were hundreds of clones. Planet x as well. Acor. Etc
  6. coomber

    Pairing disc rotor sizes

    203 and 180 on my hardtail Going 180 and 180 on my nearly finished rigid ramin I like 180 front, don't use rear so much.
  7. coomber

    Pinnacle iroko

    Pinnacle make some great bikes. My brother had an iroko and it was brilliant. I'd put on a brand x dropper, prefer them to the reverb and half the price. That's really tidy. I'm building a ramin from spares at the moment, they are really nicely made bikes.
  8. coomber

    Disc brake adapter pm to is

    Here we go, sorry for delay. If its any good let me know I will post this week
  9. coomber

    For Sale Controltech, Kore, USE, Salsa & El Guapo

    Take a tenner for the salsa?
  10. coomber

    Sold 18” Kona Explosif 2006 frame with sliding dropouts for single speed £115 posted

    Bargain. Not hijacking, and ill delete if you want, but I have some 26" single speed wheels from a kona humu if anyone buys this and goes that route
  11. coomber

    Disc brake adapter pm to is

    I probably have one. Pm if I forget to reply!
  12. coomber

    Sorted Post to post +20mm adapter

    I needed one last week. Got one for 4 quid on eBay. Good quality
  13. coomber

    Saracen Kili Ultra Titanium - 1994

    Re: Stunning
  14. coomber

    “SOLD” Pinnacle Iroko Frame and Tektro Orion Disc Brake

    Re: Triple butted frame, really great bikes. Good buy for someone
  15. coomber

    Wanted: Specialized rigid fork

    Re: What length steerer
  16. coomber

    Unknown year Airbourne Lucky Strike

    Re: Nice bikes op Jimbo, been a while, need to go for a ride sometime post lockdown
  17. coomber

    Bare metal build. Merlin Works XLM.

    Re: Wow those forks. Ridden to death.
  18. coomber

    29er wheels

  19. coomber

    Coyote DH

    Re: Nice updates. In regard to the manitou shock. Would it not be possible to create a bespoke rod with a sort of cup end where you would then screw a normal shock through. So eyelets inside that, At a standard shock length?
  20. coomber

    29er wheels

    Re: Hi Ishaw, depends entirely on price. 21s a bit narrow, could live with 23s if cheap. Ideally would prefer 25s or 27s, its a rigid 29er so its all the bounce im getting. Maybe send me a pm and we can go from there. Thanks a lot mate