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  1. doctor-bond

    The sequence of bikes from the mid 80s.....for me - how about for you?

    Yes! It’s due another refurb - the boys are talking about taking it into 24” cruiser single speed territory.
  2. doctor-bond

    The sequence of bikes from the mid 80s.....for me - how about for you?

    Okay ... Early Days 1981 Raleigh Grifter. OG. 1983 ish - I invent mountain biking by turning a 26" boys road bike into an off roader (including novel extra rear brake operated by a foot lever on the chainstay ....) 1987? First production MTB I rode - a friend's yellow *I think* Muddy Fox with...
  3. doctor-bond

    The sequence of bikes from the mid 80s.....for me - how about for you?

    Blimey - some lists of quality here. Off the cuff, I've had a handful ... but it's a good memory excercise.
  4. doctor-bond

    Could the retro-crowd be right all along? Rim which is it?

    Pretty much this: I‘m using 2.25s on AT18s with enough pressure not to be squirmy and they go fine in mixed conditions (but then again I’m a middle aged bloke who knows his limits riding an old rigid bike that has plenty of limits).
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    Illegal scrabble words which should have a meaning in mountain-biking

    I’ve been experiencing an issue in the workshop that might fit here: swaplex; when a simple component change leads to a dozen others needing sorting. ”gonna change those bars to risers” ”don’t bother - too swaplex - 31.8: stem, cables too short, pads, grips, outer .....”
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    Brands we never see on RB?

    I’m always amazed at the number of different small scale builders that were out there: so many skills got learned. (Only skimmed the thread, but has anyo e mentioned Ronson?) And there really should be a separate thread for improbable but likely frame builder names: for instance it’s ages...
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    Quite a selection - new Shimano filth

    Would this work? 1. Get some pics of boxed old things. 2. Put them on the bay and make sure they sell for a lot (maybe your other accounts and friends can help?) 3. Tell the insurance company that your burgeoning 20th century antique business needs fire protection. 4. Be devastated when your...
  8. doctor-bond

    Today's Ride

    I have a soft spot for going where I’m not supposed to, too. A scold from the farmer or gamekeeper is a badge of honour. What’s the story behind the fire? Did he go too far and need .... reminding? 😈
  9. doctor-bond

    BoTM Bike of the Month May 2021 nominations - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres

    Niche, wonderful and very missing link. Gets my vote. How does it ride? (not sure on the saddle, would a skinny BMX one balance it?)
  10. doctor-bond


    88 Kili Flyer, fillet & U but not “W” Something less off the peg? Swallow used to play with Roller cams.
  11. doctor-bond

    MKS Sylvan Pedals

    The only true test of a well-adjusted pedal is when, while washing your bike, you aim the hose jet at the top of the pedal cage/rubber bit, and see how she spins. In almost 40 years, the OE ones on my Raleigh Grifter have never been beaten ... (despite many hours of fettling as Apple Tree descibes).
  12. doctor-bond

    For Sale Un71 bottom bracket 122mm.

    Yes please. Will PM.
  13. doctor-bond

    What retro frame & suspension fork for hard xc riding/racing?

    Plan is to go with an older frame but bend the rules on forks to avoid elastomers and springs. My hunch is that an old light frame and light air fork with some decent components and modern tyres (loving wide Rocket Ron evos ATM) will not do too badly on an XC course. Liking the idea of Zaskar...
  14. doctor-bond

    What retro frame & suspension fork for hard xc riding/racing?

    Thanks chaps; as mentioned, lots of possible frames and I’ll see what comes up: the info on forks is v helpful as I’m starting from a low base of knowledge. Will start some searching. If I can find/get to a race the plan will be to just have a go and see (worth it if only for the “god Dad...
  15. doctor-bond

    1983 Ritchey Everest

    So sweet. Very nicely done. (As an aside, would superbikes like this benefit from 2 sets of ‘clothes’: 1. Show/best NOS/catalogue. 2. Era sympathetic but rideable? Eg wheels/tyres, freewheel, chainset, pedals, saddle - even brakes - could be swapped out easily for riding, with the good stuff...
  16. doctor-bond

    What retro frame & suspension fork for hard xc riding/racing?

    I put a pair of oil/spring forks on the lad’s wee Brodie (first ever encounter with suspension), and have to admit that from the way he cracks on that there is something to this approach. Also, it’s sooooo dry and rutted round here after a month+ with no rain that I will admit to not being...
  17. doctor-bond

    Clockwork - Appears to be well looked after.

    Not often you see horns like that in the wild these days.
  18. doctor-bond

    For Sale Deore XT parts cranks, brakes, Shifting Brake Levers, etc. everything good stuff! M732 M733 M734

    Hello:) Is RD-M735 still left? Two are displayed in the part surrounded by the red frame in the photo. Are both RD-M735? (according to google ...)