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  1. doctor-bond

    What retro frame & suspension fork for hard xc riding/racing?

    I put a pair of oil/spring forks on the lad’s wee Brodie (first ever encounter with suspension), and have to admit that from the way he cracks on that there is something to this approach. Also, it’s sooooo dry and rutted round here after a month+ with no rain that I will admit to not being...
  2. doctor-bond

    Wanted Fast Fred Kevlar tyres

    Long shot, but anyone got any of these lurking at the back there? Yes, over there, no .. next to the .. yeah that’s it ... :)
  3. doctor-bond

    Wanted Lightweight chainset options

    I’m looking to put an Alpinestars cro mega on a diet and am considering chainsets. I’ve got a tasty ti 113mm BB in the stash; what light chainsets would match? (Other non 113 suggestions also considered.) Middleburn? White Industries? Race face? How does M737 stack up? cheers
  4. doctor-bond

    Alpinestars Cro Mega DX 1992

    Well, to test this fab new-look site, I thought I’d post this 92 Cro Mega I’m test building. Got it as a frameset recently (thanks Baj) because my go to KHS MTB has always been a bit small, and I’d never tried an e-stay before. I was always a bit skeptical over e-stays, maybe because...
  5. doctor-bond

    For Sale KHS Montana Pro frameset 19”

    Up for grabs is this KHS Frame fork and headset. It’s the Montana Pro from around 91 or 92; that means it has the excellent True Temper OXll heat-treated tubeset with the ovalised seattube near the BB. Fork is the original Spinner; headset a fairly recent Ritchey Logic. The paint isn’t great...
  6. doctor-bond

    Non carbon allround, dare-I-say, gravel bike ... thoughts

    I’ve got a steel tourer, a steel road bike , some 26” MTBs and a carbon race bike. I fancy something new and different to those (just because), am planning a LEJOG, don’t really trust carbon, and can access cycle to work schemes. So, any suggestions, opinions and/or advice on a new...
  7. doctor-bond

    Shimano freehub body for 8/9 speed

    I’m trying to swap a 7 speed freehub to 9 speed (shimano hyperglide); anyone got a something suitable to hand? Cheers
  8. doctor-bond

    1988 Marin Pine ... Forest?

    A while back I picked up an '88 Pine Mountain; it was one I nearly bought back in the day and still had a hankering for. These were high up in the Marin hierarchy back then - made of lugged heat treated tange prestige. The one I got was sound but not good paintwise, so the plan was to turn it...
  9. doctor-bond

    MBUK mag from 1988 with Team Stumpjumper Lanzarote test

    Anyone got a copy (or a scan) of an MBUK from 1988 with the test of the Specialized Team Stumpjumper? It was on location I think in Lanzarote. Probably the end of vol1 or early vol2. Cheers
  10. doctor-bond

    26.6mm seatpost; black or Vintage

    Anyone got a 26.6mm post knocking around? Vintage but not fluted, black or that sweet bronzy finish you get on Strong and Suntour models. Yes, like that one, at the back ... there: next to the 130mm hubs the 2mm cables and the Hite Rite ...
  11. doctor-bond

    Raleigh gran sport £75 on Gumtree

    Most of what looks like a Gran Sport: get scrubbing. ... 1385791527
  12. doctor-bond

    Paris Roubaix that was

    Some cracking pics here: ... s-roubaix/
  13. doctor-bond

    Raleigh Randonneur 708 1997

    Been meaning to post some details of my recent Raleigh Randonneur build. The idea was to build something to use for audax rides and commuting. I’d had a Randonneur frame a few years ago, but it was a bit long in the TT [long legs short body syndrome]. The old one: What that build did...
  14. doctor-bond

    Lightish 1" quill stem; black not too long.

    I'm after a shortish 1" stem in black, with a bit of rise, that isn't a heavy tessy. Zoom, Tioga, Syncros? etc. Anyone got one at the back of the shed? Ta
  15. doctor-bond

    British Eagle Touring Frame. 531cs 22"

    Change of plans means that this interesting fast touring frame is up for grabs. It's a British Eagle: I think a Crusader from around 1987 (the one that came with the nifty Modolo Cantilevers). It's 22" C-C and made from Reynolds 531 CS (Club Sport baby). If I remember rightly, that means 531DB...
  16. doctor-bond

    Black triple chainset or cranks SORTED

    Got one. Thanks. Anyone got an old skool black chainset or cranks? Lx most likely, or maybe xt; did ritchey do them noir? Cooks prolly too pricey unless you’re feeling generous.
  17. doctor-bond

    9 speed Down Tube Shifters - Dura Ace

    Any 9 sp Dura Ace shifters out there? Need really good/minty condish. Cheers 8)
  18. doctor-bond

    Nitto stem and Cane Creek levers

    A couple of mine: useable Technomic stem and a nice pair of Cane Creek SCR levers. Discount for confirmed RBers.
  19. doctor-bond

    Lovely 1982 Raleigh Gran Sport 58x57

    Think I'm going to have to let this go as it's not getting used much these days. Offered to RB before the Bay. IMG_3033 by Petrelbooks, on Flickr 1982 in that sweet Pearly-Caramel colour. STC-C is 58cm, TTC-C 57cm. Campagnolo Gran Sport throughout apart from recently fitted Stronglight Sealed...
  20. doctor-bond

    Odyssey svelte seat quick release qr

    Any Svelte seat QRs still out there? (Not purple :wink: ) Ta.