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  1. wired99

    Never the twain shall meet... or maybe?

    it's that time for me to consider treating myself to a new bike. Early fifties now and not into speed as such, comfort and endurance, and climbing is my bag these days. Im enjoying 25''s tyres (fancy 28"s :)), and dinner plate on the back for those hills.. Ive been considering maybe buying a...
  2. wired99

    Bars and Stems - Ritchey, Rocky Mountain, Marin, Tioga

    Hi guys Ive a few bits and bobs that I need to clear, basically been sitting in my loft for years and need a more loving home.. All prices include UK shipping., Happy to discuss EU shipping too.. Black Ritchey 6061 bars, 58cm £15.00 SOLD £12.00 Silver Marin 6061 bars, 54cm £12.00 £10.00...
  3. wired99

    Gran Sport, Cinelli, Ultegra, Tiagra

    Hi guys, Clearout continues here... All prices include UK postage only. Please ask for any international postage requests. Campagnolo Gran Sport chain set. 170mm Strada 52/42 Looks to have very little wear on rings. All threads very good. £70 posted. Campagnolo Nuova Gran Sport rear...
  4. wired99

    Campagnolo Gamma Electrox Strada wheelset on 105 Hubs

    Hi all, Its been AGES since Ive been on here, it's good to be back! My riding over these last few years seems to have taken more of a modern path so I have a few bits to sell here that have just been lying in my loft deserving a better home. First up a set of 32h Campagnolo Gamma Electrox...
  5. wired99

    8 speed Dura Ace Cassette

    Hi guys Been off here for months due to life taking over but just finished my Raseza build with 8 Speed DA. I want to take the bike to the Alps this year but the cassette is a little, err, tough for me old legs these days. Looking to fit a 25 or a 26 cassette. Do I need to get a DA one or will...
  6. wired99

    Late 70's Gazelle AA Frame

    Hi guys, The beginning of a major cull here. Just can't justify so many bikes/frames in states of undress when I basically only riding the one at the minute so am selling a few things on. A late 70's Gazelle AA Frame. 531 frame and forks. 55cm square (c t c) 126mm rear spacing. 27.2mm...
  7. wired99

    Unrollin' chassis and parts.. Just needs wheels!

    I'm selling a lovely 'un-rolling' chassis! Frame is a beauty, but been unable to track down exactly what it is. It's clearly a decent frame, camapgnolo dropouts, beautiful long-point lugs, cast bottom bracket shell, very light and 27.2 seat post diameter. Size is TT - 56cm (ctc); seattube -...
  8. wired99

    54cm frame

    Hi, looking for a 53 or 54cm frame for the wife. Was looking to build something for the turbo at home and then upgrade a bit for the road when the sun returns. Budget is tight. Not looking for anything great nor a BSO.. What have ye??
  9. wired99

    Stalen Ros

    I remember seeing something about this last year and really fancy going over for it. I thought it was in Holland? but I see there are a few now, which one is the definitive? Or are they all the same? Any advice would be great, Ta
  10. wired99


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  11. wired99

    Razesa, nearly 4 years on..

    This bike has gone through a few different incarnations since I have had the frame but finally think I have got it the way I always really intended. Dura Ace just looks so sweet.. :D
  12. wired99

    Few cheap bits to clear.. BBs, stems, mechs, toe clips, etc

    Few bits to sell guys, will post all at cost. Cheap and needing to go... PM PLEASE best way to secure item, Hyperglide 8sp cassette , 12-21, hardy any wear, shiny! £15 Shimano sealed BB TS30, 111mm, Italian thread. Nice and smooth. £8 Shimano Sealed BB UN71, 115mm, English thread. Nice and...
  13. wired99

    Obsession vs reality dilemma..

    So, what to do. I am currently building up my Razesa frame with a pretty nice 7410 Dura Ace group set. Its a nice frame, 531c and pretty well made. I also have three other frames stripped and in my loft - a 531 Raleigh Gran Sport, a Koga Miyata gents Lux and a Gazelle AA in need of a respray...
  14. wired99

    8 Speed Dura Ace Set Up.. (I Know, I know...... )

    Hi guys I am trying to set up my Razesa with a Dura Ace 8 speed group. I have what I think is the right block at back on DA Hubs but I can't seem to get it anywhere shifting right. First click of shifter doesn't appear to do anything and getting into the big ring at back is proving a pain.. I...
  15. wired99

    Mount tech rear mech

    Anyone have one?? Mine broke this morning, looks like the thread has corroded on the cable tightener. I have all the other set so despite using a DX rear for now I really want to complete the group again, Ideally a nice one :lol:
  16. wired99

    Bars, mech, stem, saddle Hawk Hill Frame Added..

    Hi guys, Got a few things to sell + postage. PayPal gift. DX long cage rear mech, real nice condition. NO LONGER FOR SALE, NOW NEED AFTER REAR MECH BROKE TODAY!! :( SORRY JIMBOG... Kalloy 330mm 27.0 seat post. Needs a polish. Silver. £5 Titec bars, straight, 53cm . Nice! £10 Marin 6061...
  17. wired99

    A bit of wheel advice please

    Hi guys, I'm currently loving riding my '85 Canyon on the the South Downs and need to do something about my wheels. They are the original wheels - Rigida rims on Suzue hubs - 5 speed. problem is the spokes are awful, slack and, well,old. So, what to do? hubs are ok but a little worn. Shall I...
  18. wired99

    aero levers

    Hi guys Looking for a pair of aero levers. 105's would be nice but open to offers. Looking for decent pair, not too scuffed please :) What you got??
  19. wired99

    Ultegra 6500 crankset / Suntour superb rear mech

    Hi guys Looking to move these on to a good home. 1/ Ultegra 6500 crank, good condition. Splined. Rings have very little wear. Decals slightly rubbed off. £35 I think they are 175mm (will check) 2. Suntour Superb rear mech - Lovely old school goodness! £20 SOLD TO READVIEW Will post at...
  20. wired99

    casette / Hub problem

    Hi guys I am looking for some help. I am riding my Rocky Mountain with 7 speed wheels. Every now and again it feels like I am pedaling air! Its as if the cassessete somehow disconnects and is not locking against the hubs. Then it just rights itself and everything is normal. It looks tight, I...