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  1. albatros38

    Rock Shox RS1

    I'm looking for a 1990 Rock Shox RS1. 1'1/8 used condition accepted ! Thanks
  2. albatros38

    Pace fork identification

    Hi, I've got this Pace RC35 fork. I try to know the year of production. Never see before this brace. I don't found this information on Goatsurfer page. Did somebody know ? Thanks
  3. albatros38

    [SOLD] Proshift black front derailleur

    For sale this Proshift front derailleur. Very good condition. Have got a trouble with the ball link, so I changed this with hight quality aluminium ball link. Working is perfect. Price : 250 euros including shipping cost
  4. albatros38

    Wanted : Suntour XC Pro crankset

    I'm looking for a Suntour XC Pro crankset. Prefer no Micro Drive one with the hard anodized ring. Thanks !
  5. albatros38

    [SOLD] Avid Arch Rival

    Very good condition Arch Rival set (rear and front) Come with Mathauser compount pads (low miles), cable noodle and original pivot bolts. 70 euros + shipping at cost NOW 75 euros including shipping cost
  6. albatros38

    GT RTS 3 parts

    Steel swing arm (used condition, need respray) Working Noleen damper Rocker and the 4 "stock" axel and nuts. 25 euros + shipping at cost
  7. albatros38

    [SOLD] GT RTS 1 Frame

    I sale this 19' GT RTS 1 (december 1992) Good condition. GT RTS Team Noleen damper with new uniball joint. Steel swing arm respray with PU paint. All bushing restored. Industrial axel with titanium nuts on the rocker. Come with gore ride on neon yellow shifter cable and housing (good condition)...
  8. albatros38

    Shimano wide cable hanger

    Hello, I'm looking for Shimano wide cable hanger. (like on the picture) A pair will be perfect. Thanks !
  9. albatros38

    Derailleur FD-M730 Alpine 31,8

    Hello, I'm looking for a front derailleur FD-M730 Alpine 31,8 (band-on type). Can swap for a 28.6 one that I had. Thanks
  10. albatros38

    Merlin Mountain 1989

    I've got my first Merlin in 2003. 10 years later I wanted to have a other one. I get this Merlin mountain from Jeff Archer (First Flight) in 2014. Sérial number arround #1100. Then, the built take some years... Here is the first picture when I get it.
  11. albatros38

    Shifter 3x8 SL-M739 or SL-M008

    Hello, I'm looking for a pair (front and rear) of 3x8 speed shimano shifter SL-M739 or SL-M008. Good working condition. Thanks !
  12. albatros38

    Onza HO right titanium spindle

    Hello, I ´m looking for a right Onza HO titanium spindle. I have got 2 NOS left, si can swap one. Thanks
  13. albatros38

    Syncros 27.2 seatpost

    Hello, I'm looking for a 330 mm 27.2 Syncros seatpost, ideally the third generation, like on the picture. Thanks
  14. albatros38

    Judy « mk1 » brace (Styff, AC, TWP...)

    Hello, I am looking for a cool brace for my Judy first generation : Styff Shock Bone, AC, TWP or other ! Thanks
  15. albatros38

    American Bicycle 1' Stem

    Hello, I'm looking for an American Stem 1', 120 or 130 mm one. Thanks
  16. albatros38

    Specialized Ground Control

    Hello, I'm looking for a pair of early Specialized Ground Control (2,1' or 2,2') with yellow logo. Thanks
  17. albatros38

    Salsa / Fat Chance cromo handlebar

    Hello, I ´m looking for a old (86-88) Salsa / Fat Chance handlebar. True Temper cromo. 10 degree model with shim. Thanks
  18. albatros38

    SL M730 XT 6 speed thumbshifter

    I'm looking for a pair of SL M730 XT 6 speed thumbshifter in very good condition. I have some SL M732 7 speed for swap. Thanks
  19. albatros38

    American (Breezer) frame and stem

    Hello, I am looking for an American (Breezer), early model with u-brake stud. The size : about 19'. I am also looking for an American stem. Thanks !
  20. albatros38

    XT M735 Jockey wheels

    Hello, I'm looking for XT M735 Jockey wheels in very good condition or NOS. Thanks !