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    FAT Chance Wicked … frame only,auction
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    Pace RC-31 Titanium versiom quite rare in titanium version, somebody on here a wtd. post running for over a year…
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    FAT Chance 10th Anniv. Restoration project

    Just spotted this... not my size sadly would make a wonderful project for somebody...
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    Chas Roberts The D.O.G.S. B.O.L.X: frame only...SOLD £479

    Price: £479 (+ postage) P1276980 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr Price: £479 +postage tbc. (collection obviously not possible with lockdown) Frame no.9402150 Chas Roberts ‘The D.O.G.S. B.O.L.X’ Year: 1994 Seat tube C-C 15 1/2” , C-T 18” Seat tube diameter: 27.2mm Head tube: 120mm Head tube...
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    Trimble Inverse-4 frame (only)

    Trimble Inverse Four frame Rode & raced (Longleat Wild Ride 1991-2) , with a old school friend (RIP) who actually rode one of these fabled carbon fibre machines at that race.. interested about what is out there...if anything... OR// a "Radical"...
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    Early DeKerf Mountain frame (not mine)...really cool. early DeKerf Mountain inc. stainless steel downtime gussets + open ended wishbone design
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    SOLD Marzocchi 55 RC3 EVO V2 Titanium Forks - 20mm 2014 £300

    Marzocchi 55 RC3 EVO V2 Titanium Forks - 20mm 2014: BNIB: £353 + postage P5061292 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr 26” wheel ‘Medium’ spring fitted (according to CRC info) 1 1/8" straight steerer (uncut) £353 + postage (approx. £15 via Parcel Force) high res. image of fork here on Flickr...
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    FAT Chance 10th Anniversary frameset link to FAT Chance 10th Anniversary frame + fork a ultra rare frameset...I looked at one with a view to purchase 10 years ago whilst in Oslo. Unfortunately I declined when I remembered the recommended rider weight limit for the frame sadly excluded...
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    SOLD £450 Indy Fab Steel Deluxe 29r £450 SOLD

    Independent Fabrication Steel Deluxe 29r (adj.dropouts) £492 + postage Seat tube: 17" (C-C) / 19" (C-Top of Indy Fab black CNC alu. collar) Top tube: 22 1/2" (C-C) Braze-ons: Cable routing for gears , hydraulic brakes, and also (Rholoff) hub gear, Rack mounts / Mudguard...
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    SOLD *Mint* Orange Patriot frame only 2013 (L), Red

    Orange Patriot 2013 (L), Red, + CCBD Air *Mint* £349 £349Frame only, (no shock) - posted Shipped in original Orange branded bike box Link to Orange archive page for frame spec / geo / details: ... iot_frame/ Link to Flickr album ( 8 images ) ...
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    SOLD Orange Five 2013 (M), Apple Green *lush*£449 SOLD

    range Five 2013 (M), Apple Green + Fox RP23 Air *Lush* £449 + postage costs / meet-up / collection poss. SW region Link to Orange archive page for frame spec / geo / details: IMG_1024 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr Happy to email images ...
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    SOLD Phil Woods Co.(I.F) “Piss Off” Ti *restoration* £299

    Phil Woods Co. (Indy Fab) “Piss Off” titanium single speed 29″er *rare / restoration* £299 + postage costs Offered as a collectors item / museum piece / restoration project. One of the few Phil Woods ‘Piss Off’ frames built for 29″ wheels. Frame no. is 15 from a ltd. edition of <40 frames...
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    Rare /. Unusual Ind Fab finished // FAT Chance Shockabilly ... 3641.l6368 Any FAT Chance Fans / Indy Fab guru's out there...very interesting frameset...seems to follow the laters FAT Chance Shockabilly design, possibly has 10th Anniversary style dropouts (stamped 1982-1992), then appears to have been refinished...
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    SOLD- FAT Chance -Yo.eddy- Med/Large "YOML2307" £477 -SOLD-

    PC032865 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_d64 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr PC032866 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_d63 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr PC032876 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr FAT Chance Yo.eddy "YOML2307" , made in Saratoga County NY, "Green Chameleon" colour...
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    SOLD--FAT Chance Titanium Small/Medium"TFSM113"£699+Postage

    P2184009 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_d4d by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_d4e by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr P2184062 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr P2184017 by JOHN WILLIAMS, on Flickr FAT Chance Titanium "TFSM113" , made in Saratoga County NY. Size: "Small/Medium"...
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    SOLD--£279--FAT Chance Yo Eddy ML 166 Team Lavender

    FAT Chance Yo Eddy, frame no. ML 166 Size: ML Colour: Team Lavender Seatube 18 inches (C-C) Toptube 22 1/2 inches (C-C) Headset: 1inch Seatbube diameter: 29.4mm Down tube roller guide installed and functioning Toothpick chainsuck plates are absent. This bike is very much a "rider", (to...
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    SOLD--DeKerf Implant 853

    DeKerf Implant, from Reynolds 853 steel Frame no. DEK2117 (=y2k model????) Size: Seatube 15" (C-C) , 17 1/2" inches (C-T) Toptube 22 1/2" inches (C-C) Headset 1 1/8" inches Condition well used as a frame, but well cared for during it's life with me (areas of of paint wear...
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    SOLD--Bontrager Titanium "Ti Lite" (f/set requires repair)

    For sale, Bontrager Titanium "Ti Lite" fabricated by Sandvik for the Bontrager / Trek partnership around 1996. Serial number on BB reads "MADE IN USA BT19067". Size: seat tube 17inches (C-C) top tube 22 1/2inches (C-C) headset size: 1 inch This makes it a "large" on the scale...
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    FAT ti auction alert!

    Nice looking early (1993) Medium FAT Chance Titanium no.26 Check it out FAT fans!... ... 0802158797? The seller is in the states, but willing to to ship to GB and Germany. I won't be bidding myself as already own one( no. 13) :-) , they're super...
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    Early RC30s

    Spotted these over on aution watch, early (?1992) PACE RC30s, with to my eye's at least unusal RC35 dropouts. Take a look here... ... 3128212123 If any PACE expert can tell me more I'd be interested have not seen that particular configuration before.