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    BoTM Bike of the Month May 2021 nominations - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres

    OK Peachy! When you put it like that! 😁 Benjabbi's 1982 Specialized Stumpjumper No build thread I'm afraid, it was acquired as is from my old place of work, although I did assemble it.
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    BoTM Bike of the Month May 2021 nominations - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres

    Some lovely looking bikes already! Thought about entering my Stumpy but craigsmith has 82 Stumpys covered with that awesome example! Mines slightly later, lugged, greyer and rustier! 😁
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    What series of manitou fork is this

    They're Answer Pro Forx, not Manitous. Someone has added a sticker. They were made by Answer alongside Manitou around 93-94, that's all I remember, I'm sure someone on here has some more/better info!
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    Best model name for a retro mtb?

    Dunno about best but the Fishlips Cycles - Toxic Tuna, always appealed to my juvenile sense of humour! 😁 😂
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    1994 Kona Explosif

    pw_pw_la, thanks, glad you like it! 🙂 I'm always fiddling with the spec on this, I love the frame and enjoy trying out different bits on it, it rarely stays the same for more than a 2/3 months at a time. It's a definite keeper and changing it about keeps it fresh and interesting. 👍
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    1994 Kona Explosif

    Been out on this today, every time I ride it, it brings a smile to my face!
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    Out of everything, what retro would you choose for a long term DAILY off road bike?

    I'm currently using this for exactly the purpose you described, Mid range Reynolds steel frame, straight XT M739 and a Z2 Bomber. Unfortunately money is an object to me, it cost around £400 all in and I have no worries about damaging it or wearing it out. It's not particularly light at just over...
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    Wanted Bontrager Race Lite frame, medium

    2manyoranges, I thought I'd put the feelers out for a Race Lite rather than getting my Privateer painted. That's a 96 with a period build that has ended up a bit bling for a Privateer IMO and would be directly swapped over hence wanting a later one. Thanks anyway for your reply!
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    Wanted Bontrager Race Lite frame, medium

    Hello, I'm looking for a Bontrager Race Lite Frame in medium/15" c-c/17" c-t, would prefer a later one with one piece seatstays and no front mech roller but anything considered. Thanks, Ben.
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    Hello Carge, just wondering if the Bontrager titanium is still for sale as in your signature and...

    Hello Carge, just wondering if the Bontrager titanium is still for sale as in your signature and if so how much you'd be asking for the frame? Thanks, Ben.
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    GT Karakoram

    Thanks jimo. I'm very happy with this one it fits well and rides really nicely. I was surprised it was so late 90's, steel had sort of fallen out of favour for mid range bikes by then, or so I thought.
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    GT Karakoram

    98/99 GT Karakoram. Full XT M739, Bomber Z2. My new commuter, if anyone knows the exact year I would appreciate it, the frame is the same as the 98 catalogue in the archive, apart from the colour scheme which is black or red in the catalogue.
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    Bontrager Race Lite 1993/94

    That's come together really nicely! :D
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    97 Bontrager Privateer Comp

    They build up into great bikes! What are your plans for this?
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    Bontrager Race Lite 1993/94

    Lovely, looking forward to seeing this built! :D
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    Bike of the month February 2021 - Steel steeds

    Benjabbi's 93 Orange Prestige Build thread ... p;t=397997
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    A Trip Down Memory Lane with a £500 Bontrager.

    Thanks for the read, enjoyed that :) I have a Privateer, bought a couple of years ago on a whim (it was cheap and close). It has turned out to be my favorite bike by far. Love it! A Racelite is probably the bike of my dreams at the moment.
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    Dished or dish-less?

    Dishing is usually done relative to the hub, to centralize the rim between the locknuts. If the frame has an offset back end like a Pace then this is taken into account in the spoke calculation with the centre to flange dimension. If the centre to flange is say left 30mm right 20mm but the frame...
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    1993 Orange Prestige - Weenie rebuild - done, pg 5

    Thanks MR OX, yes I'm very happy with how it's turned out. :D