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    Wanted 7 speed handlebar or stem mounted 7 speed indexed shifter

    Hi Looking for above.Thanks for reading Colin
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    Wanted 7 speed bar end shifter

    Hi Looking for above indexed if poss with friction option a bonus.Thanks for reading Colin
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    Wanted 26"wheelset

    Looking for a complete wheeelset 7 to 9 speed and quick release.Would need to be posted. Thanks for reading Colin
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    narrow 11/8" threadless headset

    Hi I have a pair of rockshox SID team forks that had the steerer tube cut for my old Serotta CTI. I now want to use them on my new old frame but I have my stem top 10mm above the steerer tube. I would like 3to4mm. My idea is if I fit a narrower headset I may buy 3mm at either end.The cups are...
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    Titanium frame 18" ish

    As per my ad in pre 1997 section. Thanks for reading Colin
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    Sorted Titanium frame 18" ish

    Hi I am going to have one last bike for my 70th birthday. Fancy a titanium frame. Can anyone help. I am cautious about ebay and facebook and have been looked after on here very well. Thanks for reading Colin
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    BullMoose handlebars with 1" quill stem

    Hi After these to finish off my Cruiser build. Thanks ffor reading Colin
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    Magura hs33 front brake

    May be a longshot but does anyone have a blue one for sale. Could make do with silver if no blue. Thanks for reading Colin
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    pace 1" steerer forks

    Hi Looking to complete my build with same. Steerer length 190mm min although I understand it is easy to change same,just unscrew 2 allen bolts.Thanks for reading hope someone can help. Colin
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    Hi Due to arthritis I am having to raise my bars a lot and my hoses are not long enough. Can anyone tell me where I can buy 6mm hose from as my LBS only stock 5mm? Thanks Colin
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    Dura Ace 9 speed sti levers

    Finishing off my 70th birthday present to myself. Has anyone got a pair for sale in very good condition? Thanks for reading Colin
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    1" threadless steerer suspension forks

    Hi I am looking for some 1" steerer tube quality THREADLESS suspension forks with a long steerer say 190mm minimum? Hope someone can help and thanks for reading. Colin
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    Shimano Golden Arrow brakes

    Hi I am building a retro bike for my friend as a suprise and the only thing I have missing is a pair of golden arrow brakes. Can anyone help? Thanks for reading Colin
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    SHIMANO STI LEFT LEVER 9 SPEED Hi Can anyone help me please. I have just had a fall and broken my left 9 speed double sti lever. Looking for a dura ace or ultegra replacement.Thanks for reading. Colin
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    Light and motion handlebar mount

    Hi I am looking for a 2007 compatible handlebar mount and light bar mount for either a Arc,Solo or Vega light. Can anyone help.?
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    7 speed wheels lightweight

    Hi I have a tourer with heavy 7 speed wheels and Shimano cassette. Looking for a set of very good condition 7 speed wheels with Shimano freehub so I can lighten things up a bit for non touring duties. . Bike is mint so looking if poss for very good wheels.Thanks for reading COLIN
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    cinelli spinaci

    Hi Has anyone got a pair they would sell? Hope someone can help me. COLIN
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    9 speed dura ace bar end shifter

    Hi Need right hand only . mint or very good condition for my Moulton.Thanks for reading COLIN
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    9 speed cassette

    Looking for a mint dura ace or xtr 9 speed cassette 11-27.Can anyone help?Thanks COLIN