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    Why Have my Gear Shifts Gone Auto?

    My last few rides have all been a bit messed up by the rear gears changing by themselves. The bike didn't do this prior to being put away for a time during the cold weather we had for a while. The gears were left small/small during this time. To me, the shifter feels quite easy (too easy) to...
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    Time Cleats but Which Ones?

    Hello everyone. I'm supposed to be on holiday in Sardinia right now. Instead, I find myself with a shoe/pedal/cleats issue. My long serving shoes have quit on me following a proper soaking that might also have seen off my G armin. Languishing in the wardrobe I found the very first pair of...
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    Cinelli Stem. 7mm Allen Key?

    I think the answer is yes. 6mm too small and 8mm is too large. Of course, none of my sets have 7mm. I wonder how I did it before? Does anyone know if 3/8 will be close enough?
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    Are there Two sizes of 1" Headset?

    I have a recently acquired set of 531 forks to replace the crash damaged ones on my Graham Weigh. I cannot get the cup to fit over the race on the forks at the bottom of the steerer. Are there two sizes? Or, maybe did the headset get knocked slightly oval in the crash? Thanks.
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    Road Forks Wanted.

    I need some forks. Here is a picture of the old ones. The steerer is very nearly 200mm and is standard 1" There is a single eye on each dropout. I am after something as close to these as possible. Material 531 if poss. My brake caliper is fairly short so these need to be 700c. What is out...
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    Look at What I Made...

    In an unaccustomed bout of inspiration and welds that actually held together, I have made a little work stand! It holds the back wheel off the ground for gear adjustments etc and is more convenient than my full sized stand for bike washing. I'm quite impressed! The orange is a strip of road...
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    Kids' Bikes. What to Do?

    I don't know what to get. I'm well out of touch with modern stuff. The twins have out grown their Specialized Hotrocks. These are the 24" wheel version dual suspension versions. The female have of the twins is growing like a weed. She's only 11 and is already 5'4" I want bikes that will...
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    And now for something completely different. Moulton Done!

    It started off at the side of the road for the scrap metal men to collect. I only wanted it for the small wheels so I can try to weld a trailer together. However, I recognised the Moulton name and really liked the funky 70s orange paint. The trouble was a lot of the bike was very rusty with...
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    Easy Road Ride. Now on Sunday 6 April.

    A warm welcome from Grumpy Commuter and Myself! Do you want to try road riding? A bit frightened by the Aftermath threads sounding more like an episode of Casualty? This is for you. A nice easy amble through the quiet (mostly!) roads of Staffordshire and Shropshire. The pace will be...
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    Wheels Wanted.

    I think my experiment with tubulars is coming to an end. The cycling gods suggested this to me by making my tin of Pit Stop fly off never to be seen again! So I'm looking for a set of clinchers. Shimano or Campag makes no difference as it'll never index anyway. Would rather have cassette and...
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    Home Made Rim Tape?

    What do you use? I have always used 3 layers of insulation tape but, I'm thinking of going all posh and cutting up an old inner tube. What do you reckon? How would I join the ends? The originals (totally destroyed) had a metal clip which doesn't seem the best idea in the world.
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    Help me decode Weinmann Brakes. Now with Pics!

    Hello again! Weinmann side pull brakes. Do the different names mean anything or are they just names? For example, would a Type 810 have a deeper reach than a Type 730? The back brake on my Moulton rebuild doesn't look like it could ever have got the blocks on to the rim! Thanks.
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    Saddle Bag and Oddments Wanted

    Hi all, Looking for a saddle bag of some sort to fit a Moulton. the saddle has those little tag things on it so it is that sort I'm looking for rather than the modern seat pack for a spare tube etc. The bike is from around 1970 and is a little tatty so nothing too posh is required. I am...
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    The Inevitable Wheel Building Thread!

    As expected, here is my first question. I am watching a YouTube video of wheel building. The chap is building a three cross 32 hole front wheel. I am building a 28 hole back wheel. Luckily it isn't dished like a back wheel normally is. Also it is only a 16 inch rim. For this reason I only...
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    Chain and Sprocket Confusion.

    Hi All. It's no good. I don't thing I can salvage the chain on my Moulton. It was pretty rusty and although I had cleaned and freed off all the links apart from a few, one of those just broke rather than free up. So, I need a new chain. Trouble is I don't know what sort. The hub is a...
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    Spot the slight fault with this rim...

    Mmmm. It looks like I won't be trying my first wheel build at the weekend...
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    Sturmey Archer. New Question Page 2.

    Evening Peeps. As you know I am saving a scrap Moulton and have now dismantled the rear wheel and will have a go at my first full wheel build in the next day or two. The hub has now been cleaned inside and out and has the following text engraved on to it: Sturmey Archer England S5 68. FIVE...
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    How are Spokes Measured?

    Hello again. I need to buy a few spokes as replacements for the inevitable casualties that will occur when I dismantle a wheel. I want to use as many of the originals as possible. I am hoping the new rim will be about the same as the old one but need a few spare spokes. How are they...
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    My First Full Suspension Bike (Not What you Think)

    Well, I was leaving for work this morning and there, sat with some other scrap metal was a bike. I'll admit, my first thought was, "Ooh, those wheels might do for my trailer project." Even I recognised the name Moulton! Then of course the inevitable happened and I thought maybe I can save it...
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    Airfix. Longest of Long Shots!

    This is a very random question! I know a few on here are into their Airfix models. Does anyone have a model of a Boulton Paul Defiant? It was a two man fighter that rather than having forward firing wing mounted guns, had a moveable turret. I need to know the span of the propeller. I have...