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    A couple of pieces I've made during the pandemic

    I haven't made very many. It is a fascinating hobby. Trouble is, each one takes so long. I haven't done any forging as I don't think it would be fair on the neighbours. I stick to stock removal. I heat treated the first few in a forge I made from a mini beer keg. For refractory I used...
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    A couple of pieces I've made during the pandemic

    @My_Teenage_Self yes, lots of filing and sanding. Next stage is to cut out the blank. Hacksaw is the weapon of choice. Depending on the weather, time and how lucky I'm feeling, I might use the Angry Grinder at this point. The 1mm cutting discs turn a DIY grinder into a useful cutting...
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    A couple of pieces I've made during the pandemic

    Here's the start of one I'm currently making. The steel is 4mm thick O1 tool steel. The design is a slight alteration of a standard bushcraft clone. Handle is slightly slimmer with the usual 8mm pins dropped to 6mm. Lanyard hole will stay at 8mm. Next stage is to cut out the template and...
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    1994 M&B of Dronfield custom build (Vernon Barker)

    Properly nice! Clearances are even tighter than on my fixed. I cannot fit tyres larger than 700 X 23 on that as they won't fit under the fork crown.
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    Early Saracen Lovers Anonymous......

    That's the one! Mine is a good bit more worn in than yours! That paint is pretty tough stuff though. Mine survived all manner of use and abuse. Racing, touring and endless riding when I was younger. I only found out much later that only the seat tube is Prestige tubing. The groupset on...
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    Early Saracen Lovers Anonymous......

    Sat here thinking about what I should be doing today and realised that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of me getting my Kili Flier Comp. It was my first year at university. They paid you to go back then! A bit different from now. Ask me how I know! The twins are in their first year now! I had...
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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    I might bump into you if you venture towards Staffordshire/Shropshire. I'm trying to get out more at the moment.
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    Anyone identify this?

    Raleigh? Mustang or Maverick?
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    Why Have my Gear Shifts Gone Auto?

    I thought I had fixed it. The lever felt a lot better but after a few miles the auto shift returned. I had to ride all the uphill bits holding the lever in place. It was on the final climb that I decided life is too short and the shifters have now been sacked off. This set looked...
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    Why Have my Gear Shifts Gone Auto?

    My last few rides have all been a bit messed up by the rear gears changing by themselves. The bike didn't do this prior to being put away for a time during the cold weather we had for a while. The gears were left small/small during this time. To me, the shifter feels quite easy (too easy) to...
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    Lack of tools or sort of...

    Bet they're struggling to fit the new one!!
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    Cannondale full-bounce

    Just one "Bouncy" Cor, I remember these. My mate was a Cannondale obsessive and we went to have a test ride. It was strange but at least your rear was comfy!
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    1988 Saracen Trekker

    Was that the model that Nick Craine used to go up those mountains on?
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    26 ain't dead - but darned difficult to get intensive care

    Now I'm glad I spent the last 20 years storing bike things away muttering to myself, "That might come in handy one day." I went to H alfords the other day to collect a HRM strap and apart from a few oddities, they had not a single bike left in the building. Components were few and far between...
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    1988 Saracen Trekker

    Bad grammar on the advert but a really nice bike there. I was just getting into it and had taken delivery of my way too large Dawes around that time.
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    Venturelli Palermo, the Belgian Italian

    Really nice. Love the paint job. Don't suppose you know the official name of the red colour?
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    Technology thread. Garmin's, iPhones and other gps devices.

    Bad news. My G armin seems to have given up the Ghost or gone home as my Devonian dad would say. It fires up without issue but goes straight to some sort of diagnostic page that keeps looping me through all these different pages showing available colours etc. I am in the market for a new one...
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    Unofficial retrobike allotment thread....

    Yup. Good times. Remember that road ride we did with @grumpycommuter Quite a few Cannock Christmas rides too.
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    Unofficial retrobike allotment thread....

    I remember this thread! A mixed season. Beans, beetroot, some squashes, courgettes, sweet corn and apples very good. Onions, garlic and potatoes not so good. Wanted some carrots (also good) for dinner and picked a few other things as well:
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    Time Cleats but Which Ones?

    How retro is that? Just noticed on the second photograph, you can just see my still used Bula headband! It used to keep my flowing locks tied back but now stops sweat sheeting down my dome. How times change.