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    For Sale 2001 Santa Cruz Chameleon 14" Size Small Frame Only

    Do you def not have the drop outs - cant seem to find them anywhere!
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    For Sale 2001 Santa Cruz Chameleon 14" Size Small Frame Only

    Tempted, let me see how my funds are!
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    For Sale Specialty Retro Products limited time UK direct distribution (Rockshox Judy, Fat, Yeti, Syncros)

    Can you ping a DKG / Fat Chance Seat Clamp and Gasket into the order? I was chatting with you on Instagram about them, this might save my via Canada postage pain
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    2001 Santa Cruz Super8 DH Bike

    Pics would help greatly, if its an 03 its not as sought after as the earlier coke can rear end frames
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    Wanted On One frame (18inch) - On One Canti fork?

    Have a more modern one sitting, happy to send pics
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    For Sale 2008 Early championship winning factory Intense M1 £1600

    Jamie Lynn will be along in a minute to buy it up....
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    For Sale lovely gt rts frame sale or trade/px

    What PX / trades you looking for?
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    1996 GT Zaskar “LE” impulse purchase

    I saw this on FB and its only the 2nd Zaskar I've seen with that Black 6061 sticker - makes me wonder if mine was an LE too
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    Dave's Chain Device (DCD)

    Re: Should sit 2-behind the crank arm when its level you could change the angle on the stay quite a bit by bending it and I've seen mechs pull way further forward with them fitted and still run fine
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    Found!!! - Chain Tensioner, DCD, Bullet Bros etc...

    Re: May have a spare silver Bullet Bros - need to check the spares box properly
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    1982 Cunningham Indian on FB $15,000

    Re: so in the 80's he made $500k and you think he should still have that 30 years later, i'm not quite sure your logic holds.....
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    93 Manitou FS.....In need of love

    Re: Glad I could help, I set mine up to pull the whole thing out so there was no impact on the pivot but glad it worked for you! Just watch when seating it back in as if its not dead square then it gets very stuck very quickly
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    93 Manitou FS.....In need of love

    Re: I used a QR skewer threaded through a ratchet end pulling a 8/9/10mm ratchet end which was approx the same size as the bushing axle.... Pull the cam, tighten, reposition, rinse and repeat until it’s out - worked a treat pulling both in and out
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    Middleburn rs3 machined gorgeousness SOLD

    Re: Tempted as I have 063 - hhmmm
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    RTS Swap

    Re: I did offer my Kona - would have happily swapped
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    Mavic D521 Ceramic XT and D521 SUP

    Re: Be interested in the rims if you cant sell as wheels
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    Karma tyres - Don’t get excited!!!

    Re: I’d take the Kujos if you could post
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    1993 Marin Pine FRS - UK based

    Re: Seat Tube looks rusted out at the BB - not sure if id be happy with that
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    Hope xc or ti-glide freehub body

    Re: more being made, you need to find broken hubs and use the parts from there Hope that helps
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    FAT Chance 10th Anniv. Restoration project

    Re: Most rock / mud will have a % of salt in it, if you think salt is just for seawater / your chippy then you are kidding yourself (theres even salt in fairy liquid for goodness sake)