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    hello Nikica i am a friend of Romuald, (mojo ti) Romuald gently help me to buy from you the...

    hello Nikica i am a friend of Romuald, (mojo ti) Romuald gently help me to buy from you the klein Rascal i just wanted to clarified the situation: if a undestand well, you are ready to send the bike in Geneva to one of your friend? -and for direct shipping to france , what is not working ? is...
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    Bontrager Race Lite

    nice frame
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    Kinky pace rc200f2

    really nice bike
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    Look Mi90 “Quadrex” - VTT tout Français

    nice bike, the frame and the mavic components are great ,
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    1992 Cannondale M1000 update

    really nice bike, love it
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    1992 Merlin Mountain

    nice bike
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    1994 Off-Road Team Toad

    really nice work
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    1993 DBR Axis Team Titanium - DONE! - 20lb (ish) Beaut :)

    great bike, i have the same at home, i love it , the frame stickers have disappeared with years did you redone it ?
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    Grove Innovations Assault

    lovely bike, frame is really beautifull and the stem is amazing
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    Sator Hyster

    very nice frame, and nice rebuilt too
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    AlpineStars cro mega DX’s PINK

    great work, the paint work is great
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    Completed - Richard Thackray Team Pace F1 - Restoration Thread

    very nice bike, these frame are so beautifull
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    Pace RC200 F6 build

    what a lovely bike, i love this frame, nice work
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    1988 Cannondale Red Shred SM1000 [finished]

    very cool bike, great work, congrats
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    Alejandro's (Klein) Adroit 1992 Green Gator Target sub < 7Kg

    whaou! impressive , it will be very light and beautifull too!
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Odyssey

    Re: whaou!! thanks , i never see this bike before ,, very interesting
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    Bianchi Martini Racing Titanium - Finished

    Re: what a bike, really nice
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    Peugeot teamline grisley 1992

    Re: nice frame!
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    1991 Yo Eddy non purist build

    Re: really beautifull!