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  1. prezza

    For Sale Time warp 1998 Scott Endorphin...

    Totally original bike. Sad sabut need to fund other things... Smedium. Will need strip down and service but that’s it. link here with pics: I’ll try and get more pics up when I can. Asking £595 inc postage to mainland...
  2. prezza

    For Sale 1996 Saracen Tufftrax SOLD

    Only selling as I have a Kili to build and I also want a new motorbike! Beautiful colour and gotta be the best one around.... Colour is even better in the flesh. I’ve highly polished the paintwork any minor marks have been touched in to create the condition you see in these pics. Since the...
  3. prezza

    Mint Schwalbe City Jets 26x1.5 £12.50 posted

    1 x pair of Schwalbe city jet 26x1.5 VGC with mint tread and nobbles still present. £12.50 pp gift posted Cheers Andy
  4. prezza

    Why no Scott catalogues in archives?

    Just wondering if anyone knows why Scott are missing from the catalogue archives? Surely not as one of the longest and biggest manufacturers? Or have I missed something?
  5. prezza

    Sunn 3D head badge? Sourced with link!!

    Hi guys.... anyone got one of these in their parts bin or a spare not required? Please pm me with pic and details... Cheers Andy
  6. prezza

    Where have the manufacturer catalogue archives gone?RESOLVED

    Don’t seem to be in the archives as they were???? Anyone know why? Cheers
  7. prezza

    Saracen re frame repair...

    Got this Kili today after a purchase via Facebook marketplace... Seller was a great guy who knows very little about bikes but this is a one owner bike that his late father owned. After doing a deal he agreed to package it to me and in fairness did a fantastic job.. Sadly when it arrived today...
  8. prezza

    Cheap large orange P7 project in Middlesbrough...

    Bought a set of forks off this chap who was also selling this Orange P7 so I’ve seen it in the flesh and was tempted but it’s a tad big for what I’d want and I have lots of other things in the go.. It does need work and has rust patch on the underside of BB as someone has stamped the name...
  9. prezza

    Anyone able to collect a bike for me and post it from LE4?

    Hi... In communication re a bike in LE4 area (Leicestershire). Anyone willing and able to help me out and collect and box if I buy it? Cheers Andy
  10. prezza

    Townsend Freedom ??? Different....

    Townsend Freedom....? Don’t know much about this brand but associate them with cheap bikes... ... =undefined ....but this looks quite decent and original. Could make a good drop bar gravel bike I bet...
  11. prezza

    1996 Saracen Tufftrax completed 100221!!

    Acquired this recently from my mate who bought it new. He used it and loved it but it was time for a full renovation back to standard. Was mainly original bar the unbranded riser, road biased tyres, shifters and LX V brakes. Saddle had been upgraded at some point to a nice Flite Ti. I’ve been...
  12. prezza

    Deore DX chainset and r/mech

    Here’s a joblot of DX groupo surplus to my needs and I’m sure someone is looking for such a find... All prices are PayPal friends (or add 5%) inc uk postage... Deore DX MT62 7 speed thumbies £35 £30! SOLD Deore DX short cage R mech £27 .... now £19.50 .. now £17! Now £15 Deore DX FC...
  13. prezza

    Pair off superb amberwall Tioga Wonder Dawgs! 26 x 1.95

    As listed... it Not needed by me. These came off a very low mileage bike and even still have the nobbles on both tyres! Hardly any wear whatsoever and will clean up fantastic. A tiny bit of cracking to the edge of the tread on the tyre that was in the front (as seen in last pic) but this is...
  14. prezza

    Boxed NOS Deore DX 27mm seatpost £40 SOLD

    As listed. Unused and still in packaging... 27mm diameter 330mm long Totally unused and never fitted. As new. £40 PayPal gift inc uk postage (can post overseas for additional postage charge) Cheers Andy Now SOLD
  15. prezza

    1998 Scott Endorphin time warp!

    Recently acquired this off a really nice guy who used to be on this forum. Couldn’t resist the quirky looks and its condition... Plan is to do very little apart from maybe an upgrade to period XT groupset (as I have this already) along with fitting done 1998 Sid World Cup forks (again which...
  16. prezza

    Sunn Xcircuit... complete bike!! *No longer for sale*

    With a heavy heart I’m selling this as part of a cull following me acquiring a bit of a bucket list bike... the wife has finally asked for a cull with 9 x bikes and a motorbike in the man cave... and I for once agree with her... So here is a proper little gem for sale in the carnation as seen...
  17. prezza

    1992 Diamondback Ascent EX timewarp...SOLD

    Only selling as I’ve been forced a cull as I’ve just acquired a Scott Endorphin which is a bit of a holy grail I’ve been after... Too many bikes in the queue to this is offered as an easy unrestored project. Link attached but selling as standard and original in the pics. Full Deore lx...
  18. prezza

    How to get ‘BOTM Winner’ banner added?

    Sad I know but after winning (joint) the Nov BOTM, how to I go about getting the associated banner added to my profile? Thanks all... Andy
  19. prezza

    1 inch headset spacer/washer .. the bit with the knurl

    Hi all... I’m missing a 1 inch spacer off a threaded headset. You know the bit that sits between the top cup and the locknut to prevent it from unthreading when steering. Like this one below... I begrudge buying a whole new headset for this one washer so if anyone has one lying idle in a...
  20. prezza

    Purple brake booster set F&R wanted please....

    Purple brake booster set wanted. Front and rear with bolts. Must be in great shape.... Let me know what cha got! Cheers Andy