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  1. Defiant


    Looking for a nice SBIke The alu one Who can help me out
  2. Defiant


    all of a sudden I have a need for a S-Bike ,.. so looking for 1,.. not a steel one who can help me out
  3. Defiant

    Identify my Merlin XLM

    Hi guys, bought this Merlin XLM yesterday. Unfortunately there are no decals left on the frame so i want to order them new. The available serial number database stops at 2000 and this one is newer. The only Merlin i found with more or less the same serial number is a Merlin xlm 6/4 titanium...
  4. Defiant

    Swap/Trade : Rocky Mountain Tibolt

    Recently bought but after a few rides I have to accept the 17.5" is just a little bit to small. I just doesn't fit me unfortunately Looking for a swap against a 19" bike. Could be anything, even a new rigid bike with discs as long it is a retro orientated bike. swap with cash is also possible...
  5. Defiant

    Merlin XLM, Syncros Revolutions, Pauls, XTR, Groovy

    Unfortunately due to health issues, my back is killing me even after a small ride , I have to give up riding my bikes. Merlin XLM 18" Stunning bike with in my opinion more or less the best parts available, build to ride. Syncros Revolution cranks were bought to me half a year ago as NOS. only...
  6. Defiant

    Mint XTR M950 group, Ringle Seatpost for Fat Chance, magic R

    Hi Guys selling some parts The M950 parts are close to perfect (9 out of 10) , been used just for once for about 20km and then retired 20years ago. XTR M950 Shifters - 145 euro -> now 125 euro XTR M950 V-brakes V+R - 115 euro - sold XTR M950 wheel set - 175 euro - sold XTR M950 rear casette -...
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    Fat Chance Titanium , Syncros Revolution , Shimano M900 etc

    Unfortunately just finished this build last week but due to unforeseen developments my beloved Fat Chance Titanium for sale Medium Comes with Custom Ti (BOI STYLE) fork, chris king headset, Ringle Stem, Ringle Post, the rare XTR FD downpull, MCR Ti BB, XT Thumbies, Ringle H2O €3000,00 (or 2500...
  8. Defiant

    Merlin XLM

    Haven't checked the serial number yet so don't know what year it is. Picked this one up yesterday. Sort of bought by mistake Will give it a good polish tomorrow
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    Salsa CroMoto 26" canti fork

    Looking for a good Salsa Cromoto 26" Canti fork,.. or similar 1 1/8" i know one of you guys has one,... come on!
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    McMahon - Dean - lots of titanium - M900 - etc etc

    McMahon titanium frame : 850 euro incl McMahon rear brake, McMahon seatbinder, XTR M900 headset McMahon fork : 250 euro McMahon titanium stem : 125 euro McMahon titanium bar (uncut) : 125 euro McMahon Steely Danz cranks : 300 euro McMahon titanium Seatpost : 125 euro XTR M900 front Mech ...
  11. Defiant

    Accutrax fork - 1 1/8"

    Looking for a Accutrax fork ,.. 1 1/8" please help a poor guy out ,..
  12. Defiant

    Dean Titanium

    and the last one for this week the DEAN Titanium ,.. almost finished
  13. Defiant

    Fat Chance Titanium

    besides the McMahon I have another project still need some parts to finish the bike but I am in no rush for this one Frame: Fat Chance Titanium (medium) Fork: McMahon Headset: Chris King but ordered a XTR M900 Stem: McMahon Titanium Handlebar: McMahon Titanium Grips: none...
  14. Defiant

    McMahon Titanium

    few weeks back I got myself a new bike. Bought as a frameset with a suspension fork but after a few weeks i was offered a rigid fork. this is how the first setup was the new parts the current (final) setup
  15. Defiant

    Mountain Cycle San Andreas 1st gen 1992

    Picked up this bike last Sunday. It was advertised as a TREK but as you know it is not Bought some Paint stripper so I have some things to do the coming few weeks
  16. Defiant

    Syncros parts , Titus, Dean, Yo Eddy , Klein Dolomiti , M900

    for sale, thing i do not use and collecting dust. Syncros Stem, 1" , nice condition, only missing 2 letters but replacement decals are easy to get ; € 65 -> € 50 Syncros Powerlite forks, 1" , 14cm shaft , good condition : € 245 (or swap for 1 1/8") Syncros Seatpost , 26.4 (fat chance...
  17. Defiant

    Dean Titanium '91 - My daughter her second retro bike

    a few months back I was looking for a nice bike for my daughter Kirsten (10) We ended up buying a Alpinestars T24, which is a great bike, she loves it. That bike was in a decent condition but not what we want,.. we ordered a decal set and we are getting the bike ready for a groundup restoration...
  18. Defiant

    Whats your favorite early 90's suspension fork

    Just bought a 1990/1991 frame and want to build it more or less time period. Because all of my recent bikes are rigid i think i want to build this one with a suspension fork whats your favorite fork ? and why? Frame - titanium Headset - 1 1/8
  19. Defiant

    Cablestop thingy

    Hi Guys, I am looking for something like this The part (Cablestop) that you can crew on the brace to run a Canti lever brake there got to be a million around but i can not find one ,.
  20. Defiant

    Wanted : XS or S titanium frame

    Few months Back I was looking for a frame/Bike for My Daughter. I bought a Alpinestars T24 And she loves that Bike.. Now After a few weeks of use we are going to give it a Total rebuild .. Respray And parts upgrade. For the meantime I Would like to Build her a titanium bike.. Which we can make...