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  1. john

    For Sale Ultegra 6800 Chainset £85 posted

    Hasty eBay purchase not required. 53-36, 175, condition as pictured
  2. john

    Oakley Hoodie 40% Discount Sadly not great range of sizes
  3. john

    BoTM Coming soon....... Bike of the Month May 2021 - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres

    Thanks to Terra One for sponsoring BoTM, looking forward to seeing some solid entries for the May 2021 contest :cool:
  4. john

    rBoTM RBotM April 2021 - Last Lockdown rides theme

    I’ll throw my hat in this month with my 1993 Merckx Corsa Extra. Rebuilt with Dura Ace 7700 and Ultegra 7400 during lockdown #1. It’s not 100% period correct but plan was to ride, had numerous outings last summer, expect the same this year 😎
  5. john

    Marin Team Titanium 1990 - FINISHED!!

    Excellent build and worthy entry for BoTM 😎
  6. john

    rBoTM RBotM April 2021 - Last Lockdown rides theme

    Nice idea Jamie, can we extend the theme to lockdown #1, just so as I can enter something 😁
  7. john

    Posting Photo's query

    Rather than hosting images externally please upload to the site as per @FluffyChicken and @Raging_Bulls advice above. Photo uploader on new software is very straightforward to use on desktop and mobile and will save on dead images in years to come.
  8. john

    Good to hear it 👍

    Good to hear it 👍
  9. john

    Old MBUK follow up...Works Bikes!

    Recall that feature back in the day, thanks for sharing 👍