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  1. MiniNinjaRob

    1994 Kona Kilauea Frameset and parts

    I’ve owned this from new. Crikey that’s 27 years! You can see the thread about it in my signature unfortunately all the pics have gone. People who have seen it (including a lot of regulars in the forum) have been very impressed at how nice it is and how good the new paint is. Pics here...
  2. MiniNinjaRob

    Hope XC Blue Disc Hubs 32h front and rear

    As the title says, pair of Hope hubs in blue. Steel free hub (no gouging!), 32h, great condition, usual spoke or bolt marks from use which will be mostly hidden when wheels built up. 6 Bolt IS disc fitting. 135/100mm QR axles. Just fitted new SKF bearings to the whole hub so they are nice and...
  3. MiniNinjaRob

    Anyone want any RB National Series Decals from 2012?

    I can’t believe it’s 8 years ago since I won! I have got these decals spare for some reason. If you were there and want one just PM me your name and address and which one you want and I’ll send it to you in an envelope free of charge. How time flies....
  4. MiniNinjaRob


    NOS DMR Bashguard blue 94bcd 5 bolt 32t Some marks from storage as can be seen in pics but you’re unlikely to find another! Otherwise as the title says. £18 posted in UK. SOLD NOS DMR Saddle - can’t remember what the model name was. Cool story - I was chatting to DMR directly when I was...
  5. MiniNinjaRob

    Easton Elite + Tange Prestige Concept original decals +repo

    As the title says, I have 1x Easton Elite tubing decal and 2x Tange Prestige Concept decals available for sale. Perfect if you are restoring a frame and you want an original decal and not a reprint. One of the Tange decals is slightly darker than the other, no idea why. They have a nice...
  6. MiniNinjaRob

    Salsa MotoAce 17 degree 660mm 25.4mm bars vgc

    Salsa MotoAce bars - 660mm 17 degree black 25.4mm clamp. Now I’ll admit these might not be pre 97 but I thought they were available back then and that’s certainly why I bought them in the first place. I searched for years for them and they cost me a fortune in NOS condition. Now it appears I...
  7. MiniNinjaRob

    Retrobike bag + 94bcd Stronglight Zircal mid ring

    Some bits for sale! Make me an offer if pricing is well off the mark. Stronglight Zircal 32t 94mm bcd middle chainring. Ramped and pinned. Fitted to a bike and ridden a few metres so pretty much new but signs of being fitted and slight usage. Sort of light gold colour. £28 posted in UK...
  8. MiniNinjaRob

    Genesis Tour De Fer 52cm - fantastic conditon

    Genesis Tour De Fer Touring/Gravel Bike 52cm INCLUDES FRONT AND REAR RACKS, MUDGUARDS AND BOTTLE CAGE. If you don't want these please make me an offer without them. Fantastic touring or (maybe) gravel bike - has 37c tyres on with mudguards, there’s more clearance available too on the front and...
  9. MiniNinjaRob

    Stripping alloy frame - latest ways?

    Hi All - long time no see/post....... What's the current best way to strip and polish an alloy frame? I know Nitromors was once the best way but now the special ingredient has been removed it isn't as good. I don't want to spend too much cash as it isn't a valuable bike but want it to look...
  10. MiniNinjaRob

    1992 GT Tequesta

    I’ve just put one up for sale in the sales section. I’m asking £120 (offers ok!), is this the right ballpark? I’ve been out of the Retrobike game for a while so was unsure.
  11. MiniNinjaRob

    1992 GT Tequesta full bike

    1992 GT Tequesta. Double butted Tange Infunity frame with the awesome white and black tiger stripe paint job and rear U brake. Mostly original, I bought it a few years ago and it has barely been ridden. Tyres are original and have almost no wear on them - skinwall too and not dried out. Rear...
  12. MiniNinjaRob

    I've been away a bit, what's been going on with Retrobikes?

    Trying to get back into getting out on my bike a bit soon. Whats been going one with bikes in the last year? Any special bikes I should go and have a look at on here? Can I sell my Kilauea for £1m yet? (Not that I would! ;) )
  13. MiniNinjaRob

    Recovering a saddle parts 2 and 3....

    Following on from my last seat recovering project a year ago (see viewtopic.php?f=1&t=286834 - still using with no issues including road/off road including a C2C and more!) I wanted to try it again. I made a decent job of it first time but it wasn’t perfect. I need a new saddle for a bike I’ve...
  14. MiniNinjaRob

    Pauls Components Love Levers

    Pauls Components Love Levers - silver Excellent/mint condition as pics show. Beautiful 129g (pair) V-brake levers. Lovely retro look machined loveliness!! £62 paypal goods delivered. £100+ in this country new. Rarely for sale secondhand.... ;)
  15. MiniNinjaRob

    I'm still here..... and a retro tour writeup!

    Hi All! Just wanted to say I am still around. I haven't posted for a while as I haven't been riding much or buying much of the retro stuff. I suppose I got my dream bike - my Kilauea - so chasing more bikes and bit hasn't been necessary! I tried to go on the National rides but they all clashed...
  16. MiniNinjaRob

    PopUp Bikes jumble Manchester, anyone been?

    As the title suggests - any experiences? I have a load of kit that needs getting rid of, new/old/retro etc. Rather than try stuff on ebay with the associated faff thought it would be worth a try. Link: Sorry to have put this in 2 forums but it might...
  17. MiniNinjaRob

    PopUpBikes jumble this Sat Manchester? Anyone been before?

    As the title suggests - any experiences? I have a load of kit that needs getting rid of, new/old/retro etc. Rather than try stuff on ebay with the assiciated faff thought it would be worth a try. Link:
  18. MiniNinjaRob

    GT Waffle grips - pretty rare!

    One pair of 1992 GT waffle grips. Pretty rare to find but essential to finish off an early 90's build such as a Zaskar/Xizang. Barely used so look new. One small nick on one grip but otherwise great - see pics! £13 posted in UK. Will send overseas, please ask for a price.
  19. MiniNinjaRob

    GT Tequesta, GT Jersey PICS NOW UP!!!!

    Due to lack of space and chronic lack of use (or no use at all) I am getting rid of my GT stuff I have to concentrate on the Kona. 1992 GT Tequesta Bought off eBay on a whim but it really is too small for me. I need an 18"!! Everything is original on this bike, including the tyres and seat. I...
  20. MiniNinjaRob

    1992 GT Tequesta - second try!

    Ok, couldn't resist this eBay sale. More to come soon! eBay pics....