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    Respray Question

    How do you guys handle resprays of frames with riveted on metal headstock logos/badges? Do you mask and spray around or remove and re-rivet? If the latter, how do you re-rivet? I'm inclined towards removing the badge for a proper respray but other than pop riveting the badge back afterwards...
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    Paint match Raleigh Oyster pearl

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm planning to mod my 1984 Raleigh Corsa to accept a modern Campag Veloce 10 groupset. This includes setting the frame and forks to take modern wheels. Doing it properly means heat which in turn means a respray. I'd like to refinish to original...
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    Help Identify look pedals

    Can anyone help identify the model and era of the Look pedals pictured below please? They look very early, PP65 perhaps? Mechanically they're sound despite the fact that they've obviously been well used over the years.
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    Ye olde stylee brake blocks - what's avaulable these days

    Is it still possible to source good quality brake blocks for 80s / 90s brake shoes? I'd like to fit some decent new friction material into the original brake shoes of my Mavic SSC calipers. The originals are rock hard (fossilised :D ) and therefore useless for a bike that actually gets used...
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    Wanted: Mavic 851 spare part 801 032

    As per title, I need a replacement part for a Mavic 851 RD. It's the shaped nut that secures the cage, identified as part 801 032 in the attached image.
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    For Sale: Shimano 600, Tri-Colour, Golden Arrow, Exage

    I have the following items available. All parts are used but in full working order unless otherwise noted. Cosmetic condition varies so please inspect photos carefully. PM me if you want any additional photos of an item. Payment by Paypal and no dibs please. Items located in Ireland so allow a...
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    Chainring 'speed' compatability with non indexed 6 speed

    I'm a bit out of touch with modern components so hopefully someone more up to date can help out with compatibility issues. I'm looking for a 50T chainring for my Mavic 631 chainset. 130 BCD, 5 bolt fitting. There are plenty of options that are marked as 8/9/10 speed. eg: this >Stronglight <...
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    Help identifying campag parts

    Can anyone help identifying these older Campag hubs and cranks please? Chainset is marked 384 on the arms Thanks. :)
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    Vitus 979 Build - Revisited

    I initially started this build almost a year ago but due to an illness that affected my balance and dexterity I was unable to continue and had to shelve the project temporarily. I've now recovered sufficiently so, let's try this again. The starting point is a later model Vitus 979, 56cm frame...
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    Howlindawgs Vitus 979 build

    Let's get something straight right off the bat. You lot are a bad influence! :lol: Having seen some of the lovely builds on here I decided to indulge myself and build the bike I wanted (but couldn't afford) back when I was racing as a youngster. First up was tracking down a suitable Vitus...
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    WTD: French Thread Mavic SSC BB and H/S

    This is a longshot I'm sure but does anyone have a French thread MAVIC bottom bracket and headset that they'd be willing to trade for the equivalent with standard English thread? I have the following and am looking for the same with French threads. Headset-Mavic 305 1" (English) Bottom...
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    Help identify this headset

    Can anyone help identify this headset? It came on a frame that I bought and I don't recognise it at all. :? Thanks, Martin
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    1984 Raleigh Corsa

    I've really enjoyed trawling through the rest of the threads so thought I'd post some pics of my own steelframe. The Frameset is a 1984 Raleigh Corsa bought new by myself. Handbuilt from double butted Reynolds 501 throughout and finished in Oyster. The Blue paint was added after heat was...