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    Wanted: Classic Time Trial "Bull Horn" Bars

    Trying to find a set of polished alloy 26mm 40/42cm bull horn bars for my 90's Low Pro time trial bike. Something along the lines of the Nitto RB-009 or 3T Moscow bars would be spot on as I need to fit road brake levers on them. Thanks Ox
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    20" wheeled child's Road Bike

    Many thanks to this forum's Tiermat who not only sold me this lovely little steel-framed bike for my Daughter, but kindly delivered it to my colleague in York before it's long journey down to the West Country, much appreciated. After...
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    20" (451) 32H rims - Help!

    For the life of me I can't find a UK supplier of lightweight alloy 20" 451 rims with 32H (who has any in stock anyway!) So far I've found suitable models in Sun Ringle CR-18, Velocity A23 and Alex R390 - none of which I can find available in the UK. Spent much of the day phoning round shops...
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    WTD: Tiny road bike for 6 year old (20" wheels)

    Hi, My 6 y.o. Daughter is already a mad-keen cyclist, taking part in a summer series at our local road racing circuit. I'd love to be able to make her up a tiny race bike, but there's very little choice on the market when it comes to 20" wheeled road bikes as you can imagine! I remember...
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    Campagnolo Braze-on 8-Speed Double Front Mech

    Anyone got an old Campag 6 or 8 speed braze-on front mech knocking around? I'd really appreciate it as my donated TT bike is missing it's front mech. I believe the GS is early '90's 8-speed Chorus, but anything compatible and salvageable condition-wise would be most welcome. Thanks Paul
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    Simoncini Lo-Pro TT

    My latest project, a Simoncini Lo-Pro TT. Picked it up from my friend this afternoon - a donation to get me started Time Trialling this year. Some fabulous looking kit on it, although I know next to nothing about the brand or history of this particular bike at the moment. Any info gratefully...
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    WTD: Quill Stem 25.4mm clamp, 22.2mm HS

    Hi, Looking out for a long reach quill stem for my '50s Holdsworth fixie build, in the region of 120mm - 135mm would be ideal. I've got 25.4mm pista bars and 22.2mm internal diameter headset - so something like an Ambrosio Gran Prix or similar would be spot on. I don't have a massive...
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    Holdsworth Metal Headtube Badge

    1950s/1960s style Metal Holdsworth headtube badge. This is to replace the absent one on my recently identified 58/59 Zephyr frame and return it to it's former glory following current re-spray work. Any condition considered as I'll have a stab at re-enamelling if necessary. Many Thanks...
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    Holdsworth Headtube badge size

    Please can I ask a huge favour? If anyone has a 50s/60s Holdsworth, would you be so kind as to measure across the badge mounting rivets (or holes) for me? I've got an un-badged frame that I'm 99% sure is a Holdsworth Zephyr from the late 50's/Early 60's (see Your Roadbikes section), but...
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    Help pls! Need a frame ID or rough date

    Hi, A friend kindly gave me this frame to knock together a fixie for winter training. After spending yesterday stripping and wirebrushing off a really thick layer of what I guess was fairly modern thick two-pack paint, I was amazed to find this rather ornate and distinctive lug-work...