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    1970 something Ellis Briggs Favori

    What a great use of champagne corks!
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    Vitus 979 Restoration

    I have 3 Vitus 979s and 2 of them ( early 1980s bikes)have been ridden many times over pretty rough terrain in France when taking part in various retro events eg Anjou Velo Vintage.No sign of any joint failures.[Speed wobble is something different,I think- what exactly happened?]However, these...
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    1939 Sun Vitesse

    Re plastic mudguard thingys I found a pack in Condor cycles recently. Beautiful restoration!I just spend a lot of time staring at my 1939 Raleigh frame wondering where on earth to start.
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    How much is 1984/5 Ridgeback STD mountain bike worth?

    A friend has one with the original receipt-2 careful lady owners!19” size. She’s looking to sell it with my help. And from what I can see there aren’t many of these around.It’s all original spec inc tyres.I will be able to get some photos in due course. Any ideas re asking price? Thanks
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    Little known French gem - Late 80's POELAERT

    A lovely frame which looks in VGC.Did you find it in France?
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    No Anjou Vélo Vintage in 2022

    The Tour de Rance 2022 would certainly be worth going to,but unfortunately the website states that there is still some uncertainty about whether Covid safety requirements will prevent it going ahead.There will be some news at the end of March. Such a shame about Vélo Vintage- it was fantastic...
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    For Sale Vitus 979 full bike

    It’s worth having a look at what a Vitus in reasonable condition will fetch on EBay etc.I have 4 including 1 NOS ( none of them black but yours is way too big for me!)and none of them cost anywhere near £1000 so perhaps review the price?Great you’ve owned from new and know all about it.Good...
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    1939 Raleigh Sports Model 31 High End Restoration

    Wonderful!I have the same model/year Raleigh waiting for restoration.My problem is suitable wheel replacements.I have the originals but rims totally shot.Everything else is battered but ok. Yours is an inspiration and lovely to see on this rainy day.
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    1993 CANNONDALE H800 Cross Training build / rebuild thread

    Re: Stylish and interesting!What a great colour. And it looks practical as well,which is more than can be said for most of my retrobikes.
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    Raleigh Pioneer Classic ‘96

    Great to see this-I think the Pioneer hybrids are vastly underrated.I have a couple and always keep a look out for them.They do towpath touring really well!
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    Mustard frame set.

    Re: Prestige cycles- Mustard bikes Based in Brighton and Hove and in the process,I think of changing name to The Bike Tailor. Mustard bikes was/is one of the bike brands Prestige offers-Perhaps the house brand.I remember them in the shop when it was based in Hove and they were nice looking...
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    1980s (?) Raleigh 531, GP4s, Record Hubs

    Would you sell the brake levers?I’m interested in them but detached from the bike!If so is it possible to see a photo of both levers.Thanks
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    Vintage eBay identification

    Re: This looks like a Carlton Corsa,1969/70 ish.I have a frame with identical details which is a Carlton and reviewing catalogues from 69/70 dates it to around that time.
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    Tips on where to get an alu frame powder coated East Sussex

    I have a battered Pearson alu frame - any recommendations re companies in/around Brighton that would do a reasonable and not expensive job including prep? I have thought about using Bike.spray as well - anyone have any experience of this product? Thanks
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    Bianchi TSX build finally completed!

    Re:Bianchi Not black,Italian and a mutant stem which really suits it!Lovely to look at - bet it rides well.And nothing wrong with French forks... Was wondering what to do with my Mutant stem-now I know- get a Bianchi!
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    1969/early 70s Carlton Corsa-derailleur hanger problem

    I have a frame and forks and what seem to be to be original wheels-I need a derailleur hanger which allows the wheel to sit far enough back in the dropout.What would work? Oh yes-and seat-post size? Thanks for help
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    Ideale 90 Competition TB Leather Saddle w/ steel rails -Sold

    Re: You’re selling it as a resto project so no need to clean it up.But the price should reflect this.I personally wouldn’t refer to patina - it has just been neglected and needs some tlc!