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    For Sale Klein Attitude 18" Night Storm Frameset

    I have a Klein Attitude 18" Frameset with box fork and mission control stem repainted by Jon in Night Storm back in 2017. I have not built the bike since i received from Jon so it is in newly repainted condition. Headset is new as well. Bike located in Singapore. Asking for 2800 pounds...
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    SOLD 1993 Klein Attitude Moonrise Fuselage 19" Small

    Re: am sent
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    Wanted: Klein Box or Strata Fork for Attitude

    Re: Thanks a lot for your kind advice. Looking forward to building up the bike.
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    Wanted: Klein Box or Strata Fork for Attitude

    Re: Yes i understand. Only other alternative is i fit a suspension. What would be a good choice for a suspension? Do i need to change the headset and steerer? Thanks again for all your help.
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    Wanted: Klein Box or Strata Fork for Attitude

    Re: I just got a 19" attitude. My first one actually so i am not familiar with the sizing of the fork. Very grateful for helping out! Much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Wanted: Klein Box or Strata Fork for Attitude

    Hi there, Do let me know if anyone has a Klein Box or Strata fork available for sale? Paint not important as it will be resprayed. Thank you in advance!
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    Topline pbc crankset sold

    Re: PM sent. Am interested.
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    1992 GT Zaskar (now in 1x8 cruiser spec!) Now Sold

    Re: pm'd on frame. thanks
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    Xizang 1997 - 16" - Now splitting

    Re: Pm'd on the frame. thanks!
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    Klein Rascal - Back to life

    Re: Good to know the suit still fits! Your bikes are keeping you in shape! Yes it looks small but am pretty comfy with it. Just got a Fervor which is bigger and doing that up. It will take a while i guess. In the meamtime enjoying my new old bike.
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    Klein Rascal - Back to life

    New to this forum and retrobike! Just got back into cycling and did up my old bike which i had since i was 16!. Was in my store for over 10years. Always loved Kleins and still do. Fork is newly painted by Jon which is fantastic. Frame in original paint hence the diff in pink from the fork...
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    Wanted : Klein Anti Chain Suck Rascal Fervor 93/94

    Hi there, Am looking for Klein Anti Chain Suck for Rascal/Fervor (93/94). If anyone has one or knows where to get it would be more appreciated. Thanks!