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  1. Jaytrue

    Shimano cn hg90 chain

    I've seen a load of these sell over the last month or two..... :facepalm: I've been out on a ride today and had a nightmare, my original chain has become damaged during the ride and needs replacing.....that along with a bit of derailleur hanger tweaking now :| Anyone got a new or good used...
  2. Jaytrue

    GT Seat post clamp, GT Saddle and Green Middle Chainring

    Just after a few finishing parts for my latest project! It's going to be A Chrome and Green GT RTS 3. Will consider items from between 1993 to 1997 - not too fussy. :wink: GreenMiddle Chainring 4 arm 94bcd for my FC M739 Crank GT Saddle in Black or a Tidy Flite Ti (Green would be nice...
  3. Jaytrue

    Is XT 739 Crank ok with a 737 cassette and Rear derailleur

    As titled, just looking to pick up the last few bits for my 95 - 96 GT RTS3. Are the above items compatible? I have a funny feeling things changed with the XT 739 range....... :facepalm: All help greatly apprecited. Cheers, Justin 8)
  4. Jaytrue

    WTD: Pace/Shocktech Fork compatible Nothread 1 1/8 steerer

    Hi all, I've got a lovely shiney set of Shocktech forks to mount onto a GT RTS-3 project, but I need a 1 1/8 non-threaded Steerer tube to replace or swap with my current brand new 1 1/8 steerer that the Fork came with. (in picture) :wink: ... .jpeg?dl=0...
  5. Jaytrue

    RockShox Mag 21 and nice BB for 20 inch GT Team RTS project

    I have caved in and decided to start another project seeing as its a new year :wink: I've always loved the shiney Ball burnished GT's, especially the RTS and LTS. I have been lucky enough to come across a frame that is my size, that needs some work, but its original forks and Bottom Bracket...
  6. Jaytrue


    Calling all Bling lovers and horders 8) I have missed out a few times on a couple of sets of these over the last year or so....usually just poor timing and certainly not for the lack of looking and searching or bidding!! :facepalm: Will consider good condition, NIB or NOS, just as long as...
  7. Jaytrue

    1990 Klein Pinnacle Elite

    :wink: 1st time posting up about anything I am starting to work on. Having just recently finished a Dynatech Encounter for my weekend hack, I was on the look out for a new 'Project' Something to tease me with cleaning, stripping down and putting back good as I can possibly...
  8. Jaytrue

    NOS or very good condition Black Brake levers needed

    I'm currently looking for a pair of All Black Brake levers. Shimano XT 732/733 preferably, but would consider similar or higher quality component, Pauls etc Ideally 2 or 2.5 finger pull. I have seen a few boxed NOS on ebay, but seeing if anyone has others available 1st. All suggestions welcome...
  9. Jaytrue

    1990 Klein Pinnacle Elite reproduction decal set

    I have tried: And ... 0.html?m=1 But have had no reply. This is the design set up I am after: ... xxxxxx.jpg Can...
  10. Jaytrue

    Raleigh Dynatech Encounter Decal set

    Looking for some replacement/reproduction decals for 1st gen Dynatech Enounter. Like this ... chs002.jpg Any suggetions or pointers to someone who can help would be much appreciated. ;-)
  11. Jaytrue

    Raleigh Dynatech Encounter Frame and forks and more

    Hi all, I have for sale my long serving Raleigh Dynatech Encounter....I love it so much, I have gone and got my self another, but in a larger frame more suited to my lanky height! The size of the bike I'm selling is: Centre of crank to top tube - 17 1/2 inches Seat post to head set - 22...
  12. Jaytrue

    Dynatech compatible suspension forks

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a step closer in putting my Dynatech Encounter back into service. Any suggestions on what set of suspension forks would fit in with the colour scheme and style of the Encounter and that would actually fit it! I'm not too concerned with fork travel 100mm is fine and...