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    Wanted Adaptor Headset 1 1/8" to 1 1/4"

    I need either an adaptor headset to allow me to fit 1 1/8" forks in a 1 1/4" frame or the sleeves to allow me to fit a 1 1/8" headset in a 1 1/4" frame.
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    Headset Advice

    I'm building a resto-mod Alpinestars Al-mega with disc brakes, 1x9 and Marzocchi Bombers. The frame is 1 1/4" and the Bombers are 1 1/8" A-head. Is there an off the shelf solution that doesn't use a shim to make an 1 1/8" headset fit the frame?
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    Fork Identity

    Does anyone recognise the front end and chainset on this Al-mega? Before everyone tells me, I know the head-stock has been modified. Apparently it was to stop it cracking when it was used for dual slalom.
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    Gary Fisher Aquila Seat Post Diameter

    As per the title. Can anyone tell me what diameter the seat post would be on a 1998 bike. Ta.
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    Kona Nunu + Specialized Hardrock Tip Find

    Took some garden rubbish to the tip this afternoon and found a 1999 Kona Nunu frame and Specialized Hardrock. Not for me someone else might want them.
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    Which Bike Would You Use?

    Going to France for the weekend in a couple of weeks time. I've got the choice of a 60's Viking road bike on tubs with 6 gears and drop bars or a 90's Kona Explosif on slicks with flat bars and a Flexstem. We're only going to be doing about 40 miles each day if that. The Kona is nice and comfy...
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    Rock Shox Indy C, XC, and SL Owners Manual

    Rock Shox Indy C, XC, and SL Owners Manual from 1996 in excellent condition. 63 pages in four languages describing installation, tuning, maintenance and exploded drawings. £10 posted.
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    Mountain Cycle ProStop

    Mountain Cycle ProStop Caliper here 180872084108
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    Restoring a Flite Saddle

    I've got a Selle Italia Flite saddle with Ti rails that came on the Kona tip find but the the leather and sponge has rotted. I've stripped it off so it's just the plastic base but it's crippling to ride on. Anyone ever recovered one or is it just fit for the bin?
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    Don't you hate it when....

    ...that bargain bike is is just too big and doesn't matter what you do you can't convince your self it's the right size. That's how it is with my tip find Kona Explosif. So does anyone have an 18" frame to swap for my 19"?
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    Another Tip Find

    After finding a nice Kona Explosif at the tip a few weeks ago I've have a look round the back each time I go to see what they've rescued. Most times it just junk but today there was a 1991 Marin Muirwoods. I didn't liberate this one as I could see it was too big for me and was pretty shabby so...
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    My Viking Grand Tour

    I was given this when I used to work installing stair lifts for the disabled. One job in Sandwell I had to go thorough the garage to get into the house and hung up was this old bike. He was obviously never going to ride it again so asked him what he was going to do with and he said I could have...
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    Whats Your Best Tip Find?

    Dumping some garden rubbish at the weekend and had a look where they put bikes expecting the usual and found this. Apparently it's a 1991 Kona Explosif re-sprayed to look like a 1993 bike. I thought it had been re-sprayed as I cant find any pics of this colour scheme. It looks professional if...
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    I've bought some hubs and rims and want to have a go at building my own wheels but where do I get the spokes from? Oh and I've down-loaded a spoke length calculator so I know what length I want
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    XT Brake Pads

    Fitted some XT vee brakes with geniun Shimano pads and while they work ok they sound horrible if I use them for more than a few seconds. It sounds as though the pad material is grinding away the rim. Are there different grades on brake pad for aluminium or ceramic rims?
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    Pro-Stop Disc

    I need a Pro-Stop disc and hub or complete wheel. Anyone got one?
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    Frame ID

    Can anyone help me ID this frame?
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    Removing Rock Shox Indy Steerer

    As it says really. I've got some Rock Shox Indy's that I need to get the steerer tube out of the crown. Looking at them there's and aluminium bung inside the steerer to increase the interference fit between it and the crown. If I press the bung out will I be able to get the steerer out or will I...
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    Wednesday Evening Purbeck Ride

    Been doing a ride every Wednesday starting from Sandbanks ferry at 6:20 for a couple of hours. It's starting to get dark towards the end now but still a good ride. There's a fast group (very) and slow group (not very). It'd be nice to see a few Retro rides to keep the Alpinestars company.
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    Steel Cottered Single Chainset for Retro Roadie

    I'm after a nice cottered steel chainset for my late 50's/early 60's Viking road bike. Anything considered but not too expensive please. Cheers, Neil