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  1. I Love The 90's

    Marin Decal sizes..

    Looking at purchasing some decals for my Marin Eldridge 92. Does anyone know the exact sizes for the decals. I’m looking on DNFIVE but there are different sizes so I want to be correct. Thanks
  2. I Love The 90's

    Skinwall Tyres

    Have just finished doing up my Marin Eldridge Grade 92. Looking for some skinwall tyres. Dont mind used ones. Current tyres on the bike are 26 x1.95 Thanks
  3. I Love The 90's

    1991 GT Timberline ... Swvblc2pN2
  4. I Love The 90's

    Shimano Groupset (little disc)

    Hi, Anybody have a spare one of those little discs that cover where you would undo the bolt. Sorry no idea if there is a name for it!
  5. I Love The 90's

    Marin Palisades Trail ... SwW4hcapRO Bit rough around the edges.
  6. I Love The 90's

    Prices early 90's

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this have been asked/posted before but just wondering if anyone remembers what sort of prices Marin's, Diamond Back's, Saracen, GT, Specialized started at from 91-93. When i have chats with friends about this i have always labelled anyone who had one (at school) was a rich...