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  1. PedaloPete

    Advice on Rims and spokes for a wheel build

    Hi All, Im working on a project at home to lace my own wheel and have recently bought a pair of Continental Baron 2.3 tires for my Cannondale SM500. Ive also bought a Rear Hub, a Shimano FH-M732 Deore XT rear hub - 7 speed. I just wanted to know if any of you fine people could recommend a...
  2. PedaloPete

    Sunway Group Co Freewheel Removal?

    Hi All, I recently bought a Cannondale 1992 SM400 and I wanted to add a new hub to my back wheel. I have a Sunway Group Co (China) freewheel. Ive been digging around and can't find anything conclusive on what tool I need. Can anyone recommend what tool is needed please.? Many thanks Tim :D