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    Sold Pace RC36 pro class 2 forks

    Not wishing to hijack the thread but I have some of the brake bosses with the right thread pitch if someone buys these and needs them. Took me a lot of wrong attempts to find them but got some titanium ones from China in the end!
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    Sold X-Lite Titanium Pro Mountain Bike

    Re: So tempting to bring it home! I live just up the road from where the old X lite factory was!
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    For Sale BIG Sale (Hope, X-Lite, Orange, Ritchey, Shimano, Pace PRICE DROP

    Re: I'll take the bars if still available (and clikon post if it doesn't sell!)
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    Mint Schwalbe City Jets 26x1.5 £12.50 posted

    Re: I'll take the city jets please. PM sent.
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    2004 (?) Santa Cruz Superlight

    Re: What a bargain! Unfortunately barely space to even set foot in my garage at the moment, otherwise I'd be snapping your hand off!
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    SOLD —-XTR 11 Speed M9000 bits

    Re: PM sent
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    Whyte Bikes E-5 Works XC FS frame & Fox RP2 shock SOLD

    Re: Yes please, assuming you can wait a bit for collection given the current tier 4 shenanigans!
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    Cannondale Jekyll 900SL

    Re: Joined the long queue too with a PM... edit: Haha, just noticed when this was posted! :facepalm:
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    Scott genius rc LTD .£125. SOLD. SOLD SOLD

    Re: I could be interested if it's a medium, the built up pictures make it look bigger so I ignored previously! PM sent
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    LITESPEED Unicoi titanium soft tail, 18" bike - SOLD

    Re: I had one of these back in the day (mine was a 2002 I think) and loved it. They had a bad reputation but it was one of my favourite xc bikes. Good luck with the sale... Must not give in to temptation...
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    *sold*Kona A'Ha frame*sold*

    Re: I'd love to take this if the other sales fall through. Pm sent
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    Chris King Wheelset - 26" Silver - PRICE DROP

    Re: Judging by the lack of interest I guess I overpriced these! How about £300 posted within UK?
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    Chris King Wheelset - 26" Silver - PRICE DROP

    Re: Hi, it's got 3 bolts but it wouldn't take an old 3 bolt disc directly. They're the original Chris king disc hubs which allowed for adapters to fit any type of disc mounting. There's a little bit written about them here if you're interested: ... -headsets/
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    Chris King Wheelset - 26" Silver - PRICE DROP

    Silver Chris King Universal hubs with the disc adaptors, mounted on silver Mavic XC717 disc rims using 32 Sapim DB spokes. Wheels are in very good condition, the freehub has some notches on from the cassette, but I could easily get the cassette off them, plus the threads for the discs are all...
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    Sold * karma Commencal Love frame

    Re: Thanks. Unfortunately too big for the person I'm looking to build a bike up for... On the other hand it would fit me....
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    Sold * karma Commencal Love frame

    Re: At the risk of being accused of looking a gift horse in the mouth... What size is it please?
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    Pace Rc38 air force 2 v brake boss size?

    Re: Thanks for the advice. Tried wheel swapping and the other way around. In the end I went for a long set square to sit in the dropouts. It was about 25 mm overlapping the crown on one side, and 25mm away on the other, so definitely something to do with the leg length. I then used a micrometer...
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    Pace Rc38 air force 2 v brake boss size?

    Re: Hi, this is the Air Force 2, which has the v brake mounts that bolt on behind the magnesium brace. After much searching around and buying the wrong parts I can confirm if anyone is interested that these are m10x1. 0 bosses. This is very non standard but was apparently also used on some...
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    KONA A singlespeed full suspension bike

    Re: Please buy this somebody! Its such a bargain that I'm struggling to resist temptation
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    Pace Rc38 air force 2 v brake boss size?

    Re: Thanks ishaw, they're definitely m10, but I've now bought some that are 1.25 thread pitch and the thread seems to be wrong. Either they've been previously cross threaded or I guess they might be 1.0 thread pitch