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    My 1994 (I Think) Fuquay - Original Owner!

    Great read, thanks for posting. I’d be in the market for some Gumbo forks if you’d e up for making some, H
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    Ultimate Sports Engineering Outlet

    Happy days! My Ritchey 29er will be sporting some new bars soon. Thanks so much, peace and love, H.
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    M6 chain ring bolts…

    Eureka, it’s fixed. The granny ring bolts are an exact match for the aforementioned hand cut bolts, so I swop them out and we are good to go. 👍👌
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    M6 chain ring bolts…

    Tell me about it ☹️
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    M6 chain ring bolts…

    Reads Thun on the back of the crank arm I think?
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    M6 chain ring bolts…

    Hey Peeps, I’m putting some time into an old girl and at each turn she’s resistant to change. Today‘s problem solving starts with M6 chain ring bolts (see pic). I need 5 similar, anyone able to help? Peace and love, H
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    Fuquay, Suffolk

    I’d love the forks for my Fuquay!
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    Retrobilke bbq at my house poss 15th may

    I’d be up for meeting up, so please count me in. H
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    For Sale Pair MAXXIS Ardent Race & Ikon 26 x 2.2 3C Max Speed Tyres SOLD

    Hi, are the tyres still for sale? Peace and love, H.
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    Dave Lloyd Cat’s Wiskers resto-mod build

    A quick post ride celebratory post, so to speak. Recently acquired from here along with many of the parts. Thanks one and all for opening up your carefully hoarded goodies, keen pricing and wise counsel. Drum roll please… she rides like a dream. Super fast uphill and not too shabby downhill...
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    Wanted: Middleburn RS4/RS2 spider

    Finally work has slowed down and I’ve been able to have a few shake down rides … I’m happy with the cockpit, so I’d like to sell rather than trade. How does £45 posted sound to you? Peace and love, H.
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    Wanted: Middleburn RS4/RS2 spider

    Sadly, no time to test. I’ll be in touch over the next couple of days, H.
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    Wanted: Middleburn RS4/RS2 spider

    I might be interested in the 100mm stem. Firstly, I’ll need to take my new build on a ride to check for suitability. I’ll let you know this weekend, H.
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    Wanted: Middleburn RS4/RS2 spider

    I’m happy to sell them, but would prefer to trade. I need some black bars, a stem and some 29er tyres. What’cha got? Peace and love, H.
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    Wanted: Middleburn RS4/RS2 spider

    I have two, which I doubt I’ll use any time soon. Take a look at the pics and let me know if they could work for you. Peace and love, H.
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    Middleburn RS2 question?

    Hi fellow retro biker. I had this very same dilemma a few years back. Happily, I bought a stash from SJS cycles after talking to Middleburn. These should fit, if I’ve remembered the right box I put them in. I’ve got some used spares, which are a bit mucky, but should polish up. Let me know your...
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    Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)

    I went to see Sleeper and the Bluetones at the O2 Academy on Friday night. Britpop at its finest, lovely!
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    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Titanium reissue SOLD,SOLD,SOLD

    Yes please. I’ll pm you. Peace and love, H
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    Wanted V brake levers XT or Avid

    Let me know what’cha got. Peace and love, H