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  1. magas

    Kona Nunu in Stars 'n Bars livery from 1997

    what we got here ? - I have no idea - the seller too - he's waiting for an answer from Kona directly is it maybe a repaint of a 98 Kona aluminium frame ? ... s-and-bars
  2. magas

    Middleburn cranks with OTTO's rings

    Good Morning, selling this nice set of Middleburn cranks with 46/34/22 rings - The 2 big rings are from small Italian comp. OTTO's, the granny is a Shimano. 175 mm length. In total the set is quite lightweight. The taper and the pedal threads are fine as the entire set is in a great nick...
  3. magas

    1996 19" Kona Kula

    anyone after one ? ... 164671208/ can help with collection and shipment if needed.
  4. magas

    Sunn XircuitMax & Revolt

    beside my Konas I have some love for Sunn :) My first Sunn was this 97 XircuitMax. I bought the frameset over here from France and finished it of with parts which I had laying arround. But I always wanted a Sunn from 98, for me the most attractive of all Sunn vintages, and again I found a...
  5. magas

    Selle Italia Mythos & Spesh BG saddle for sale - ALL SOLD

    Filte Ti Trans Am, weight is 285 grams, little wear on the nose, otherwise good nick € 40,-- SOLD Selle Italia Mythos, also good nick and quite lightweighted with 231 grams € 30,-- SOLD a bit newer: - a white Spesh BG saddle some marks on the rails thats it, otherwise perfect €...
  6. magas

    Syncros 10th anni

    Here are some of my Syncros kit; incl. 10th anni. Those had been removed from a 96 Ku. Hope you like :)
  7. magas

    Middleburn cranks - JIS or DIN taper

    short question: does Middleburn ever offer cranks with DIN taper or all crank has a JIS taper ? thanks.
  8. magas

    1994 Kona Fire Mountain 18 or 19 wanted

    frameset or full bike considered - cheers :)
  9. magas

    theemutz feedback thread

    Couldn't find one so started one here. Bought a really nice set of Middleburn rings from Theo Perfect transaction, hope to deal again 8)
  10. magas

    9 speed XTR 95x shifter pods wanted

    Hi there, looking for a pair of 9speed Shimano XTR 95x shifter pods and some useable Middleburn rings (42/32/22), Compact to fit a RS7 crankset. Prefered are the grey hardcoated one. Doesn't need to be a set - anythings considered. Thanks for watching. Martin :)
  11. magas

    1994 Kona Explosif - my latest find

    when browsing the small ads I stumpled accros a bad pic. of a bike which seemed to be a Kona Explosif - the seller only wrote "Kona". Nothing specific about to model, state, or anything else; only this single, small sized, bad pic. the name Kona and the price. Gave the seller a call and after...
  12. magas

    1998 Sunn Revolt (GP)

    some pics. of my 98 Sunn Revolt (GP) - bought the frame over here and transfered most of the parts from my 97 Xircuit (sold the frame) to the Revolt.
  13. magas

    Kona P2 fork and 170 mm crankset wanted

    Morning, sold the last days the girls 24" bike, as she outgrow it. Now going to build for her a small 97 Lava Dome which I have since some times waiting to be build for her. Most of the parts are sitting in my shed for the build, but missing some vital stuff for it. As per title I'm looking...
  14. magas

    Bikes made of cardboard made by UK artist Chris Gilmour his work and attention to detail is simply stunning :shock:
  15. magas

    Shimano XT 750 brakes & RD - SOLD !

    full working order, recently cleaned - some marks (see pic.) 25 pounds incl. shipping to Europe - SOLD full working order, also recently cleaned, almost new pads, comes with all mounting hardware, no levers 37 pounds incl. shipping to Europe - SOLD ! for more pics. just ask.
  16. magas

    98 Sunn Revolt - never ridden !!! seller states, that the bike was never ridden - was on display at a bike store all that years. price reflects the state :shock:
  17. magas

    HOPE brakes q's-adaptor & hose solved, which rotors ?????

    bought some very lovely HOPE brakeset over here some times ago, and now want to use them on one of my full sussers instead of the inferior noisy and "no chance to cetralize" Avid Juicy 7 :evil: Levers are Mini ones; one caliper is a PM style no.9-74 and one is no.5 in IS 160 front and 140...
  18. magas

    FRM DP4 levers wanted

    as per title. to go along with my set of DP4 V's