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  1. Jussa

    Wanted Orange X1 or X1 Rear Triangle

    Sadly my Rear Triangle on my 1997 Orange X1 failed today on the trails. So a long shot I know but does anyone have one knocking about? It can be either X1 or X2. Drop me a PM. Many thanks. jussa 😢
  2. Jussa

    Wanted Magura Julie Disc Brakes

    Good afternoon all, I have a set of Magura Julie Disk Brakes I’m trying to get working so if anyone has any spares, levers, brake units cheap a man chips etc drop me a line it may just help me cobble a set together. Many Thanks, Jussa
  3. Jussa

    Suntour Accushift Thumbies 3 x 7

    Nice pair of 3 x 7 Suntour Accushift Thumbies £25!!! posted tracked to your door UK (Overseas i can get a quote for shipping. Dibs on this post and drop me a PM. :D Jussa
  4. Jussa

    *SOLD* 1989/90 MBK Ranger Hi-Tech Complete £80

    Time to move on my lovely MBK Ranger Hi-Tech to make some space in the Man Cave for some more projects. This was saved from the scrap heap a few years back and restored using some new parts (See Build Thread links below) viewtopic.php?f=6&t=272652 viewtopic.php?f=6&t=410499 Lovely internally...
  5. Jussa

    SOLD / 1990 Muddy Fox Courier Comp (The Green One)

    For Sale - Lovely iconic Retro MTB, Muddy Fox Courier Comp, pretty much unmolested, Tange Tubing, 3 x 7 Shimano Groupset (Exage) Araya Rims, Muddy Fox branded Bars, Grips, Saddle. Frame is 22.5" Top Tube and 21" BB to top of Seat Tube. £80ovno Collection Norfolk, or can meet somewhere mutually...
  6. Jussa

    SORTED/28.6 Bottom Pull Front Mech (LX Mountain, LX 500 etc)

    All sorted now, cheers to LGF :) I need a front mech good quality and cheap as chips for a bike. Needs to be Bottom Pull eg LX500, LX Mountain etc. and 28.6 Diameter. Any help much appreciated, Cheers, Jussa :)
  7. Jussa

    1997 Orange X1 Pro (Pro Marmite URT Content)

    Lovely early morning 10'mile shakedown ride on the X1 Pro, I think this my 7th or 8th X1 Build over the years. Today was extremely muddy and moist but made for such fun on the trails and single track, i cannot lie i love these bikes, not everyone's cup of tea but for me i was grinning from ear...
  8. Jussa

    1991 Haro Extreme

    I've loved these estays, always been intrigued by the angles used and overall style of the bike. So when this popped up locally for trades I had to make some enquiries. A few negotiations and a set of shifters, stem and some tyres later and i was coming home with the Haro. Sadly once in the man...
  9. Jussa

    *SOLD* Shimano Deore XT ST-M095 Shifter/Lever Combo

    So after having a clear out in the cave and putting a wanted add up for 3 x 7 Shifters/Levers I now have a surplus set of Shimano Deore XT ST-M095 Shifter/Lever Combos up for sale. Some wear but lovely condition with rubbers. Cables fitted and both shifters cycle through the gears no problem at...
  10. Jussa

    Wanted Ritchey Vantage Comp Rim/Wheel

    Good Afternoon, I have an odd wheelset and want to make it matching as its currently doing my head in lol :facepalm: , I need a Front Wheel with Ritchey Vantage Comp Rim, LX Hub or any Silver Hub would be fine. Please send me pics and prices, Many thanks, Jussa :D
  11. Jussa


    So firstly I’m on a budget, as I’m still on reduced salary due to working from home thanks to Covid, so cheaper the better. I’m after a 3 x 7 set up either Thumbies and separate levers or combo Lever Shifters. Shimano ideally and if they are cosmetically nice even better. Can anyone out there...
  12. Jussa

    Orange X1 or more commonly known as the Marmite URT Bike

    It was good to get out yesterday on my X1, and whilst the URT design divides MTB’ers this Marmite bike is still such fun to ride. The 15 mile undulating off-road route yesterday around Breckland kept me grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Like any bike once you get used to it’s quirks and...
  13. Jussa

    1997 Orange X1 Pro

    Okies so many of you may know or may not know that I have an Orange X1 addiction!! I've owned 7 or 8 over the years and still own and ride my original Chrome 97 X1 which started it all off all those years ago!! Anyway Orange are not the easiest manufacturer to obtain retro history or build...
  14. Jussa

    Wanted for my first roadie build in 30+ years!!!

    Okies guys & girls, I am into uncharted territory and a crazy low budget (I mean really low!!!) I have been given a Claude Butler Criterion (Reynolds 531) Frame and Forks. My last Racer was a Dawes Imperial which i owned from 1986-1989. Anyway to finish the build I need the following; Bars &...
  15. Jussa

    Wanted Orange Bikes Water Bottles

    Wanting to expand my collection so any Orange Water Bottles going please drop me a line :) Many thanks X Jussa :)
  16. Jussa

    Rigid Addiction.......(96 Orange C16R)

    What has happened? Was it in a moment of madness? Have I bumped my head? Well after enjoying my 1992 DB Axis so much in its Rigid splendour, I have ditched the Pace Forks off my 1996 C16R and refitted the F9 Forks. The balance now in the stable is slowly evening out. (3 Full Rigid, 1 Hard Tail &...
  17. Jussa

    Return to Rigid (1992 Diamond Back Axis XT)

    So for those who want the full low-down on this build and how it came about then have a gander at the link below. In a nutshell this was my first ever MTB, and one of only a couple which are fully rigid. I will be honest I love my Hard Tails and Full Sussers, but recently I've been rekindled to...
  18. Jussa

    Wanted Cosmic Trail Frame Bag or Bar Pads or Anything Cosmic

    Good afternoon all, I'm after a Cosmic Trail Frame Bag and the Bar Pads in fluro colours. Drop me a line with some pics, Jussa :)
  19. Jussa

    Wanted Avid Brake Levers Pair

    Wanted Avid V Brake Levers I’m after a nice pair of levers if possible, would also consider single items from anyone to hopefully make up a set for a build I’m doing, Many thanks Jussa :D
  20. Jussa

    Magnesium Madness (Mg.) Kirk Content

    So first off I am expecting to get 'Flamed' on this post (Step-Up LGF!!! lol) but I will carry on regardless with my Magnesium Madness. So here we have my 1993 Kirk Revolution LX. If someone had said I would be riding around on 1.5 Cubic Meters of Sea Water, die-cast in just 40 milliseconds at...