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    How much is 1984/5 Ridgeback STD mountain bike worth?

    A friend has one with the original receipt-2 careful lady owners!19” size. She’s looking to sell it with my help. And from what I can see there aren’t many of these around.It’s all original spec inc tyres.I will be able to get some photos in due course. Any ideas re asking price? Thanks
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    Tips on where to get an alu frame powder coated East Sussex

    I have a battered Pearson alu frame - any recommendations re companies in/around Brighton that would do a reasonable and not expensive job including prep? I have thought about using Bike.spray as well - anyone have any experience of this product? Thanks
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    1969/early 70s Carlton Corsa-derailleur hanger problem

    I have a frame and forks and what seem to be to be original wheels-I need a derailleur hanger which allows the wheel to sit far enough back in the dropout.What would work? Oh yes-and seat-post size? Thanks for help
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    Raleigh heron lamp holder,seatpost and stem

    For 1937 Raleigh Sports
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    1937 Raleigh sports -stem for Lauterwasser bars

    A fairly complete but dilapidated pre-war Raleigh is coming my way.Missing its original stem but bars original.I wonder what's around?
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    Fitting nutted calipers to frame which has Allen key mounts

    Shimano 600 to a Vitus frame.There is a lot around on this subject but I just want an up to date opinion.Is it safe?what's the best way to do it.Or shall I just find a nice set of Allen key calipers Thanks for any info
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    Shimano 600 non aero brake levers with hoods nos or VGC

    Preferably black.......
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    Starfish spanner for Shimano 600 headset

    Does anyone have one to sell me?I would like to remove a tight 600 headset without wrecking it.
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    Vitus 979 downtube shifter fixing problem

    This Vitus bought from forum member has different shifter bosses to 2 others I have in that it seems to already have the curved radius shifter boss cover in place as part of the braze on- this means that a standard shifter with curved base won't fit.(Shimano 600 in this case) Can't quite work...
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    3ttt bar and stem problem

    I can't get a 3ttt stem onto what should be a compatible bar (ie I have the same combo on another bike.Just can't get the stem round the bend of the bar!V annoying. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Women on the forum

    So how many of us are there?
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    Shimano 600 tricolour brakes SORTED NOW THANKS

    VGC or NOS
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    Band on to braze on Arabesque shifters

    I have a really nice pair of band on Arabesque downtube (of course!) shifters but need braze on.Can I deband the ones I have and just use some spare plastic washer bits from the spares box?I don't want to take the band ons apart without knowing it's possible to attach then to properly to the...
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    Suntour Command shifters

    Does anyone have a link to fitting instructions for these please?they are the version which just band on close to the bar.Cycle jumble bargains that seem very lightly used. Thanks
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    Specialised hardback

    For sale on CTC forum.looks like 1980s.Whatever - seems a bargain.
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    Carlton ID

    Having looked at Spokesmanns [revamped?] website I'm sure my sorry-looking Carlton F + Fs is a 68/9 Corsa [like the mauve one!] I have the wheels so just need advice on suitable kit to get it going.Ideas?
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    1968/9 Carlton

    Have frame/forks which need respray.Any ideas what kit to add?not quite sure what model - has wrap round seat tube and chromed fork ends and lug pattern and frame no consistent with late 60s No time for photos today and the appearance of the frame is just too embarrassing anyway.........
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    Attaching an arabesque derailler to a 60s Carlton

    Presumably I need a derailler hangar as the rear dropout is the forward facing horizontal type with no holes!Does anyone know what I should get and where to get it.Thanks